iZombie S04E13 "And He Shall Be a Good Man" Recap

Ravi sees on the news that Congress has voted to stop shipping all brain supplies into New Seattle. Ravi proceeds to call Peyton and leave her a voicemail saying she shouldn't come back since it's safer to stay out of New Seattle. He is about to say he loves her on the voicemail when he's interrupted by a knock at the door from one of Liv's coyotes. She tells Ravi that Liv has turned herself in and she's set to be executed with Levon. After Ravi brings Jordan some food, Peyton emerges, having returned to New Seattle and heard his voicemail. Ravi calls Clive to let him know about Liv, right as Clive was preparing to have sex with Dale for the first time, having decided to let her turn him into a zombie. She proposes that they wait till marriage and Clive sets out running when he finds out about Liv.

Levon and Liv are both tortured to try to get the names of the other people that have worked on the Underground with her but both of them refuse to give anyone up. Liv is permitted a visit from Ravi, Peyton, and Clive, and is able to tell them secretly where to find Levon's finished documentary on their operations. The documentary is released online and begins to go viral in New Seattle. She is a hero to the people who are understanding of her actions.

Jordan tells Chase where Major has been staying but it's revealed that she did this at his request as a way to distract Fillmore-Graves while Major helps the remaining Underground members to try to find a way to save Liv. They begin forming a plan to disrupt the public execution at the park, prompting Chase to decide to move up the execution from noon to nine in the morning and to do it at a Fillmore-Graves warehouse instead. Jordan secretly calls Major to let him know about the change in plans.

Blaine and Angus get a tip about a weakly guarded exit from the city that is their best chance to escape into the outer world and infect the rest of the world. Blaine helps Angus film a video message to rally his followers of where to meet and when. They have a falling out when Blaine tries to convince Angus to stay behind out of the violence and that he was the one that orchestrated the snowing brains. Angus rides off towards the wall on a horse with his hoards of followers.

When the Underground finds out about the change in execution plans, Peyton breaks into a TV studio with Ravi and makes an announcement on live television to inform everyone of where and when the new execution will be happening and to come out and help stop it if they agree with what Liv stands for. All the supporters head to the warehouse and through their combined efforts and Major using his zombie strength they're able to break the door open and go running in, unfortunately too late to save Levon before he is executed.

In the commotion, Major attacks Chase who is going for a gun to try to kill Liv. In the process, he puts himself on the guillotine platform and Liv pulls the lever, killing him. Major steps up to be the new commander of Fillmore-Graves when they get the news that Gate 6 has been stormed by Angus and his followers. The zombies trying to escape are stopped and killed, including Angus, leaving Blaine saddened.

Ravi tells Liv about Isobel's brain and how if she eats it she can be human again. Liv declares she wants to retire as Renegade because she has become disillusioned by the death of Levon. When Liv is at the station, she is preparing to eat Isobel's brain but is interrupted by their needing to go upstairs to witness Clive and Dale get married. Liv is emotionally moved by the ceremony and decides to give Dale the brain so that she can be human again and have children with Clive.

Major summons Blaine to the Fillmore-Graves headquarters and tells him to continue to bring brains into the city illegally and will have the backing of their group to help him achieve these goals so that no one will starve. Major has also told Liv that she is free to be Renegade and won't have to worry about Fillmore-Graves coming after her or any of her operatives. Though she had intended to retire, Ravi and Peyton bring her out to her apartment lobby where she is met with a mixed crowd of zombies and humans that cheer for her. Thus, she decides to continue her work as Renegade.

iZombie will return to the CW for a fifth and final season.


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