Killing Eve S01E01 "Nice Face" Recap

The psychopathic Villanelle is a young and prolific assassin that has been leaving a trail of high profile murders across several countries. MI5 officer Eve Polastri draws a link between a recent assassination to a series of killings that she has been researching. She believes that the killer is a woman but her superiors at work do not buy this theory.

She later interviews a witness to a recent killing but the witness is a young Polish woman addicted to heroin. eve records some of the interview and brings it to her husband to help with the translations and he is able to deduce from the audio that the killer was in fact a woman since the translator didn't understand the younger slang the woman was rambling off in her interview. The witness had said that the killer had small breasts.

Meanwhile, Villanelle murders an elderly Italian man at his birthday party. Some time later she is instructed by her handler to head to London to dispose of the witness she left in one of her recent murders. She has to leave on a train in an hour since the witness is set to testify tomorrow. Villanelle is advised to make it look like a suicide.

Eve is sent to the hospital to keep an eye on the witness and unbeknownst to her she encounters Villanelle in the bathroom. She tells Eve to wear her hair down. When Eve heads out of the bathroom and towards the room where the witness is being kept she finds a trail of bodies leading to the witness whose throat has been cut. Eve is fired for the death of the witness, nurse, and two guards.

Carolyn Martens, the head of the Russian Section of MI6, is impressed by Eve's capabilities as an agent and pays her a visit. They go for a walk and Carolyn offers Eve a job on an off-the-books assignment to track down this prolific assassin.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


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