Killing Eve S01E02 "I'll Deal With Him Later" Recap

Villanelle completes another murder assignment in Bulgaria while Eve meets with her new handler on the covert MI6 task force that asks her about the research she has compiled on the theory she had formed on a female assassin killing high-profile targets. Eve is officially recruited to investigate the killer.

Villanelle returns to her apartment in Paris where her handler Konstantin is waiting for her. He reprimands her for not following orders to make the death of the witness in London look like a suicide, and leaving additional victims on the way. She is brought in for a psychological examination to determine whether she can handle going back into the field. The psychiatrist at first determines that she is fine but he then asks her if she's still having dreams about "Anna" and is shown a drawing. Villanelle is shaken by the line of questioning and makes some comments about her mother which leads the psychiatrist to declare her unfit for duty. Villanelle later pickpockets Konstantin to get the drawing shown during her session.

Villanelle decides to use the downtime to work out in her apartment. She is visited by her neighbor Sebastian who is attracted to her. He brings her a remedy to a black eye she is sporting from a recent job. He is originally from Spain and is a nice enough person. They go out for a walk and some ice cream. Villanelle's mood sours a bit when she sees a woman walking by and decides to go back to his place to have aggressive sex (on her part).

Back in London Eve recruits two of her old colleagues to join her task force. At their first official meeting she talks about different killings and various witnesses saying they saw a blonde woman they didn't recognise but the only person to witness an actual killing was the murdered hospital victim. Eve's former superior Bill is the most skeptical about the theory of this female serial killer. Eve goes into the bathroom and begins playing with her hair, triggering a memory of her encounter with Villanelle in the bathroom at the hospital when she disguised as a nurse. Eve sets the various task force members to work to look for information on the hospital nurses on duty at the time of the murder. Eve has another talk with Bill to try to convince him of the importance of investigating this theory and he agrees that it's worth following.

Eve sets Kenny to work on searching for women that have ever been flagged for psychopathic tendencies and sets Alena to work on following leads on accessing CCTV footage.

Villanelle disobeys orders and goes on the assignment she was sidelined from and kill a high-profile woman using a poison disguised as perfume.

Eve learns that one of her former superiors made up a lie about there being CCTV footage at a murder when there actually wasn't just because he wanted to show Eve up. Eve later admits to her husband that she's started working for MI6 and he is willing to support her but wants her to be sure that she is taking the job for the right reasons.

Villanelle returns to her apartment where Konstantin chokes her out for disobeying him but they are interrupted by Sebastian arriving to bring her a gift. Konstantin claims to be Villanelle's brother and Sebastian leaves, promising to keep her gift warm downstairs. Unbeknownst to her, Sebastian takes the bottle of poisoned perfume, as she had claimed to be a perfume maker. Konstantin informs Villanelle about Eve heading up a covert MI6 task force to find her through her various assassinations. Konstantin warns her to be more discrete from now on and she agrees only for them to be distracted by the sound of Sebastian falling dead on the floor outside her apartment after being exposed to the perfume. Villanelle proceeds to begin looking Eve's name up online while Eve is searching for Villanelle online too. Villanelle is shocked to find Eve's image and recognises her from the bathroom encounter.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


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