Killing Eve S01E03 "Don't I Know You?" Recap

Villanelle murders another victim, this time it's a man that thought he was attending a regular session with a dominatrix. The team is shocked to learn about the death due to the fact that Villanelle gave a false name, Eve's to be more exact, in order to lure Eve to Berlin. The victim was a hacker working for the Chinese government. Eve asks her colleague, Bill Pargrave, to come to Berlin with her due to his knowledge of German and experience in the field. He is reluctant to go but eventually agrees.

Meanwhile, Villanelle hooks up with an American woman tourist and asks her to let her call her Eve as part of a kinky role-play fantasy. When Eve arrives with Bill, they begin their investigation by visiting the room where the man was murdered. Villanelle follows Eve from afar and steals her suitcase to learn more about her. Konstantin visits Villanelle to give her another job off the record, which is to follow Eve since she is in Berlin to investigate Villanelle's work. Konstantin doesn't know that Villanelle was the one to lure her to Berlin in the first place, and warns her to behave.

Eve and Bill visit an employee of the Chinese consulate who reveals that the Chinese government are pushing a cover-up story that he died of a heart attack in order to hide any scandalous aspects that would embarrass their government. While Eve and Bill are walking down the street, Villanelle bumps into Bill and he sees her face though he doesn't know who she is.

Villanelle even follows Eve to a store where she is shopping to get new clothing since her suitcase was stolen. Bill accompanies Eve to the dinner she is set to have with the Chinese consulate employee member, intending on setting up in a bar until she is finished and meeting her afterwards. But Bill spots Villanelle watching Eve on the train platform she is preparing to board and recognises that she matches the description Eve gave of the nurse she believes to be the killer. He stops Villanelle from getting on the same train as Eve by pretending to be a tourist interested in where she got her scarf, then continues to follow after her.

Bill calls Eve and leaves her a voicemail to say that he is following who he believes to be the killer. He loses her trail when Villanelle uses her looks to jump the queue to get into a nightclub. Bill has to wait through the entire queue to get inside. Chen tells Eve about some shady dealings the victim was involved with that the Chinese government covered up and gives her a USB drive with further information. Eve then leaves the dinner to head to the club where Bill has told her he has followed the killer to.

Eve get the guards to let her in after explaining that she is part of the British authorities. She is unable to find Bill before Villanelle gets to him and stabs him repeatedly. When Eve gets to him, he is already bleeding out.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


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