Killing Eve S01E04 "Sorry Baby" Recap

Eve attends Bill's funeral, devastated and more determined than ever to find his killer. She excuses herself from the funeral when she becomes overwhelmed by seeing Bill's baby crying.

Villanelle gives Konstantin a toy for his birthday to give to his daughter, a thinly veiled threat that she knows more about his life than he might have thought. He is visiting to punish her for her recent antics and assigns her to work with two other operatives, Nadia and Diego. Together they are to assassinate Frank Haleton, Eve's former MI5 boss.

Eve gets into an argument with her husband about his belief that she and Bill were involved in a more than professional/platonic capacity despite her insistence that nothing happened. When Eve begins to unpack her suitcase from the trip she finds various gifts Villanelle wrapped and snuck into her bag along with a note saying "Sorry baby" (for killing Bill). Eve brings her colleagues the items, including expensive clothes all in her size as well as a perfume called "La Villanelle". The items need to be examined for trace evidence as well as searching for which stores in Berlin would sell the items.

Villanelle, Nadia, and Diego prepare to complete their assignment. Through a series of arguments and exchanges it's revealed that Villanelle and Nadia used to be involved, while Nadia is now involved with Diego. They head to Frank's home and find that he isn't in, but his mother invites them in for some fruitcake. Villanelle and Nadia are the ones that go inside while Diego has gone out back to be backup in case it's required. Villanelle and Nadia leave after they learn that Frank has gone back to London in a hurry.

Eve's colleague traces some unusual activity involving Frank's landline calling his mobile phone while the phone was still in the house. Back at Frank's place, he drives off in a hurry while the assassins take off in a high-speed chase after him. Villanelle is driving the car while Nadia and Diego are arming themselves. Eve is trying to reach him, having been in the area to call on him, while her colleague traces his car.

Eve calls Frank to ask him to stay put so they can talk but is shocked to hear him frightened and distraught, saying he is being chased. He has stopped his car and so have the killers. They arm themselves and begin moving towards the car before shooting up the car with their assault rifles. Frank has already gotten out of the car and is hiding in the some bushes not too far away. Frank is still on the phone with Eve and begs her to come find him.

Villanelle is referred to as "Oskana" by Nadia, whom she manipulates into killing Diego after their failed assignment. Villanelle makes Nadia believe that she will give her all that she wants and deserves as they will run away together. Eve has given Frank directions on a place he can run to where they will meet up but he is still afraid to move while the remaining assassins are still around. Finally, Villanelle backs over Nadia with her car and then back forward with hit. Frank takes off running towards the meeting point and Villanelle spots him, prompting her to get a sniper rifle out of her car and shoot at him but it's the last bullet in the weapon. Eve's colleague figures out that Frank is a mole and that the house he was at belonged to a woman that was former Russian intelligence. Frank manages to reach Eve's car and get inside but Villanelle is chasing after him on foot and right as Eve tries to start the car, Villanelle shoots her gun.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


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