Krypton S01E02 "House of El" Recap

Despite Adam's warnings, Seg begins to plot a course for vengeance against Daron. Later, Daron tells Seg about the heretical belief Val had in life existing far beyond Krypton, claiming that there was a force consuming planets. This convinces Seg that Adam's warnings are in fact, true. Seg convinces Daron to allow him to resume Val's earlier scientific research with the Science Guild. Seg takes a Science Guild tablet to Adam and Kem to be examined. He demands that Adam prove within two hours that Val's research really did verify the claims Adam has been making.

Things remain tense between Lyta and her mother, after Jayna had killed Seg's parents. Lyta proceeds to challenge her commander Quex-Ul to combat for the right to lead their squad. Her mother warns her doing so is dangerous but Lyta won't be swayed. The Military Guild had been preparing to purge the slums to hunt down Black Zero terrorists and this is something Lyta can't stand by without trying to change. They must fight to the death. Jayna is alarmed by the prospect of losing her daughter but when the time comes, Lyta is able to beat and kill Quex-Ul in combat which promotes her to take command of the squadron.

Upon searching through the tablet, the data doesn't match the Adam's claims about a world-eater. Seg resumes his course for vengeance against Daron. He retrieves a weapons to hide up his sleeve in order to kill Daron. On the way there, he encounters Nyssa who gifts him with the ashes of his parents. She claims it's for him to find some closure but secretly she is also aiming to manipulate his trust.

Adam and Kem use the tablet to further investigate the recent meteorological anomalies and find a lead to verify Adam's claims. But in order for them to get the proof they need, they'll need to bribe some smugglers to get on board a cargo ship to take them where they can check their findings.

Seg visits the Fortress once more and discovers a DNA lock which he is able to open by using his blood. This activates a hologram of Val that convinces him of the truth of Adam's claims about Brainiac, the "world collector" that will someday destroy Krypton. Seg vows to stop Brainiac. Meanwhile Kem and Adam's continued research leads them to discover evidence of a scout probe which means that Brainiac is already coming.

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