Krypton S01E03 "The Rankless Initiative" Recap

The Val hologram is connected to the Fortress system and is able to scan Brainiac's probe, informing Seg and Adam that it has carried a sentry to infect a host on Krypton. When they open the probe they find that the sentry has already been released. Three days earlier, the probe was sent out and landed on Krypton.

Seg and Adam set out to search for the probe. While on their respective tasks to find it, Seg confronts Lyta about her recent combat and is more understanding of her killing someone when she explains why she felt the need to take command. The probe was found by a woman named Rhom looking to make money to feed her daughter so she sells it to a merchant on the black market.

The Sagitari are beginning their task of processing the tankless in order to search for Black Zero agents. Lyta orders the members of her squadron to not use excessive force while they begin their work.

Adam discovers the sentry probe and steals it back to bring it back to Seg and Kem. However, the sentry is already gone from inside and has infected Rhom. As the Sagitari have already begun their processing, an infected Rhom begins to attack soldiers after they separate her from her daughter and the infection kicks in within her. While Kem hides Rhom's daughter to keep her safe, Rhom begins killing soldiers.

The Sagitari disregard Lyta's orders and excessive force is used to coerce information about the dead soldiers. Officer Kol-Da kills an unarmed man and Lyta reacts by arresting her. Seg is able to use a shock grenade from Lyta to take down Rhom, who has been fully infected to the point of being unable to be saved or cured. She has been gathering data about Krypton and transmitting it to Brainiac.

Later Seg tells Lyta about Val being right about his theories regarding their not being along in the universe and there being a threat coming for their planet. They agree to work together to defend Krypton without the Council getting in the way of them. Rhom is still barely alive following the shock she was subjected to but Val scans her and determines that Brainiac's modifications are what's keeping her alive. Now she is serving as a tracker that Brainiac is using to come to Krypton.

Krypton airs on Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


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