Krypton S01E04 "The Word of Rao" Recap

A new figure emerges called The Commander, who is in the scene of Black Zero and is ordering his men to find Seg.

The failed Initiative to find members of Black Zero has caused discontent among the people. The Voice of Rao requires a scapegoat to appease public opinion and orders Vex to arrest someone of high authority. This leads to Lyta being arrested on charges of treason. When Kem informs Seg of Lyta's arrest, Seg asks Nyssa to save Lyta and admits that he loves her.

The Commander is well aware of the impending threat of Brainiac coming for Krypton but still has his soldiers capture Seg because he needs to dissect the sentry before it is able to find a new host.

Nyssa visits Lyta in her cell to gather information on what happened in the Narrows and realises that her father falsified evidence in the case against Lyta. This jeopardizes the plot they have to overthrow Rao. But Nyssa is able to leverage the situation to her advantage. She visits Jayna and says that if she supports their coup, she and Daron will save Lyta from certain death. Jayna is reluctant to accept this offer as it would compromise her honour, though she also wants to save the daughter that she loves.

Since Seg isn't around to help with the situation, Kem has to break the bad news to Rhom's daughter Ona that Rhom is dying. While the Voice of Rao is visiting the Narrows, Ona decides to give him a statuette of himself to try to save her mother and he offers her the opportunity to become one of his disciples.

At the Fortress, Rhom's last words are to stop Ona, as it's revealed that the statuette contains another sentry of Brainiac's, which proceeds to infect the Voice of Rao.

Seg is finally able to escape his captors but must now face the endless storms of the Badlands.

Krypton airs on Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


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