Krypton S01E06 "Civil Wars" Recap

Daron and Nyssa conspire with Jayna on their scheme to assassinate the Voice. Jayna decides to recruit Dev-Em to their conspiracy, despite Daron and Nyssa's initial skepticism about whether he can be trusted to their cause. Dev-Em agrees to back her with whatever she asks of him.

Dru-Zod explains that Brainiac didn't travel through time to destroy Krypton but it was always part of the history that leads to Krypton's eventual demise. Seg feels betrayed since Adam had never told him that Krypton would eventually be destroyed. Adam knows that General Zod is Superman's greatest enemy and implores Seg and Lyta not to trust Zod but Seg tells Lyta to cuff both of them until they can both explain their side of things. Seg confronts Adam about keeping secret further details about the end of Krypton and the lone survivors being General Zod and Superman. Adam now believes that Brainiac should be allowed to take the core of the planet which will lead to Krypton's eventual destruction in order to maintain the timeline but Seg can't fathom the idea of leaving Krypton to stay on a path to demise.

Seg and Lyta decide to free General Zod and head to the vault. Seg learns more about why Zod disapproves of Superman and Zod explains that they are enemies because Superman turned his back on his heritage but also says he never took pleasure in their being enemies. God also says that he was good friends with Seg's son.

A convicted terrorist bomber is released in order to be a scapegoat for the pending attack on the Voice of Rao. Unfortunately, one of the soldiers that serves under Jayna grows suspicious of certain aspect involved in the plot and Jayna is forced to kill him.

Seg and Zod use their co-mingled blood to open the vault, prompting a horrified Adam to explain that the weapon they have found inside is Doomsday, a practically unstoppable humanoid killing machine created long by the Els and the Zods that will destroy whatever gets in its path. They ultimately decide not to release Doomsday but Seg still decides to cut ties with Adam.

The Voice commands Dev to open the Nova Cycle ceremony to the public. Jayna and Daron forbid him from aborting the plot which prompts Dev to evacuate the ceremony and escort the Voice back to his chambers. It's there that various Sagitari are prepared to kill him but the Voice, having been possessed by Brainiac, lashes out with destructive tentacles to fight them off.

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