Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. D05E22 "The End" Recap

The team is split and arguing about whether to use the Centipede serum to save Coulson or to stop Talbot. Most of them want to use it to save Coulson but Yo-Yo thinks they need to stop Talbot so she takes the Centipede serum away from them. Mack tries to talk her down and proposes that they vote but then May destroys the odium vial, meaning the Centipede serum must be used to save Coulson. Fitz and Simmons get to work preparing the remedy.

Talbot takes Robin's mother away and says she won't see her again until she gives up the location of more gravitonium. Robin relents and directs him to a deposit in Chicago, which he steers Qovas' ship to.

Yo-Yo visits Coulson and tells him she was never arguing that he should die, but simply that they shouldn't bet all of their fates on him. He says that if he'd been involved in the argument he would've agreed with her.

Deke tells Daisy he admires the way the team would do practically anything to save one another but also advises her to help put the team back together and settle their differences. Their conversation is interrupted with news of Talbot appearing in Chicago.

Simmons brings the Centipede serum to Coulson but he refuses to take it despite May's pleas to him to do what needs to be done to be able to rejoin the fight and finally be with her romantically. He admits he reciprocates her feelings before she leaves him with the serum.

Talbot successfully reaches the location of the gravitonium deposit and prepares to retrieve it.

Daisy calls a meeting in which she admits she let her emotions get the best of her in pushing so hard to save Coulson and announces she wants Mack to be the leader of the team since she sees him as their moral centre. Daisy feels she is better suited to be a soldier anyway. The rest of the team all agree with Daisy's decision to be the team leader. Coulson emerges and gives Daisy her suit. Unbeknownst to her, he has hidden the serum in Daisy's gauntlets.

Mack sets up a way to call all the cellphones of the people on the ground in Chicago and gives them instructions on how to reach a ship they sent down to evacuate and also make their way out into the city to rescue people from buildings that have collapses in certain structures. While doing this, May and Mack find Robin and the ship structure nearby that Robin says her mother is trapped inside. Mack heads inside to find Robin's mother.

Coulson tells Daisy he isn't going out into the city, revealing to her that he didn't take the serum. He apologises, and gives her a pep talk to face Talbot herself. He coaches her on how to try to appeal to his good nature but if he's too far gone, to find the strength in her arms to beat him senseless.

Fitz reaches May and Robin and warns them that neither Robin or Mack are said to have survived based on what information they know from visiting the future. Mack has just reached Robin and gotten her out of the space she was trapped in but they find themselves in the presence of guards. Mack is prepared to fight the guards but May and Fitz appear to help defeat them. They get out of the ship and back into the building where Fitz is crushed by falling debris.

Coulson collapses and Simmons tries to find the syringe but discovers that it's gone and tells Yo-Yo to get the defibrillator to bring Coulson back. Yo-Yo continues to perform CPR, and the chest compressions eventually wake Coulson up.

Daisy tackles Talbot and tries to appeal to his patriotism and the good nature he once held but he attacks her instead and tries to absorb her. During this struggle, Daisy finds the serum and injects herself. Using her enhanced powers, she blasts Talbot into space. Finally, the timeline is changed.

Mack and May begin to pull the debris off of Fitz and are horrified to discover he has been impaled by one of the pieces. They stay by his side and keep him calm until he dies. Simmons is devastated to learn of Fitz's fate but later has the realization that she must find find the present version of Fitz that is still in stasis abroad Enoch's ship.

Coulson says goodbye to the team and leaves SHIELD, having decided to enjoy whatever time he has left in Tahiti with May.

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