Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E14 "The Devil Complex" Recap

Simmons is attacked by the manifestation of an astronaut, which forces Fitz to push even harder on his work to seal the rift. However, the biggest challenge for him is that he needs to find a way to compress the gravitonium. The next manifestation to emerge from the rift is Fitz's Framework alter ego, also known as The Doctor.

Back on the Zephyr, Coulson, May, and Agent Piper are able to orchestrate a plan in which they capture General Hale. She is interrogated and apologises for Yo-Yo losing her arms, admitting that this wasn't part of the plan.

When Fitz encounters his alter ego, The Doctor taunts him by nitpicking at his insecurities regarding being able to close the rift.

Through further questioning, it's revealed that General Hale was always prepared to be captured if it were ever to happen. She has explosives strapped to Creel that she is prepared to detonate if SHIELD doesn't follow her demands. Anton Ivanov arrives at the Zephyr and Coulson agrees to accompany them, though May doesn't trust the situation.

Simmons, Mack, and Yo-Yo must fight off an attack from one of the robots that Mack brought back from Principia.

Daisy is working on some maintenance due to the many technical malfunctions happening because of the rift. But she is knocked out by another robot and wakes to find The Doctor trying to operate on her, having restrained her too. He wants to remove the inhibitor that keeps her powers under control. Fitz bursts in and asks what The Doctor is doing. The Doctor replies that he is doing what needs to be done. Fitz argues with The Doctor and it's then that Simmons bursts in and finds Fitz trying to operate on Daisy. She realises that The Doctor was a projection of Fitz's inner turmoil about trying to close the rift. He had reprogrammed the robots in order to isolate Daisy so that her powers could be used to compress the gravitonium and seal the rift once and for all. Simmons is forced to stay out of the way by the reprogrammed robots while Fitz works, saying The Doctor knew that there were always risks. Daisy swears that she will never forgive Fitz for what he has done. Once the rift is closed, he surrenders himself to be disciplined for the measures he took.

Fitz and Simmons speak in private, with him admitting that the traces of The Doctor were always there after they left the Framework but it was only more recently that he began to see him. Simmons tries to claim that The Doctor wasn't him but Fitz is insistent that it was him doing all the evil of the Framework. He doesn't believe he deserves forgiveness for what he has done. It's unclear if Fitz and Simmons' relationship will survive, and Simmons is emotionally shaken by the recent events. Deke comforts her and takes the opportunity to reveal that he is her grandson.

Hale speaks to her mysterious benefactor, Qovas, who gifts her a vial of odium and reminds her that she has sworn allegiance to Hydra..

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