Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E16 "Inside Voices" Recap

Hale has Coulson placed into isolation for his refusal to cooperate with her wishes. Hale orders Creel to attempt to absorb the gravitonium and upon being exposed to it he sees flashes of Franklin Hall. He realises that the gravitonium is alive upon being separated from it.

Fitz struggles to come to terms with Deke being his and Simmons' grandson. Deke visits him in his holding cell and says that he understands why he made such a powerfully violent move against Daisy, who has become increasingly tough and no-nonsense since the traumatic encounter. Simmons talks with Deke once more and is reassured that she and Fitz will at least live long enough to get to the Lighthouse and have a child.

Simmons and Daisy disagree on whether or not to release Fitz from his holding cell. Daisy will be leaving on a long mission to try to find Coulson. Yo-yo agrees to team up with Simmons to try to get Fitz out but they will have to get past Mack, who is the one left in charge while Daisy is away and under strict orders not to let Fitz out.

Creel struggles with the turmoil and anguish from being exposed to the gravitonium so he visits Coulson in order to team up to break out. They also team up with Talbot, whose mental state is highly shaken after the extensive torture Hale has ordered on him.

Daisy and May find Robin, who is still a child in this year, and hasn't been drawing her visions ever since she saw her own death in the future. When she sees May again, she resumes drawing since she has had visions of May being an adopted mother of her. One of her drawings shows Coulson and Talbot located up in the mountains where they're being kept.

Back at the Lighthouse, Simmons and Yo-yo come up with a plan to trick Mack into releasing Fitz and locking him up in the cell in his place. They are certain that they need Fitz's intellect in order to pursue leads on Hydra's gravitonium-powered weapon.

As Creel, Coulson, and Talbot being their escape, Hale orders Ruby to go after them with strict orders that Creel needs to stay alive. While Coulson is making his escape, he collapses and Creel has to use his abilities to shock his chest to restart his heart. As the trio are preparing to make their escape, Ruby and some cyborg-soldiers catch up to them and begin to open fire under Ruby's orders. Ruby continues to pursue them and eventually Creel volunteers to stay behind and fight Ruby off which gives Coulson and Talbot the means to escape by using the Confederacy's teleportation device. Ruby declares that she is the Destroyer of Worlds, much to Hale's satisfaction. Hale then tells her to go after Coulson and Talbot.

A flashback to four years ago shows that Raina had tricked Ian Quinn into being absorbed by the gravitonium.

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