Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E18 "All Roads Lead..." Recap

Talbot's brainwashing has been activated and he recites a mantra to himself to complete his mission. He steals a gun and tells himself to be prepared and that no one has to get hurt. While sneaking around, he is caught by Mack and claims that he is just walking around because of all the time he spent being cooped up in captivity.

Fitz and Simmons are still being held captive by Ruby who is forcing them to repair the gravionium weapon.

Daisy and May locate the Blue Raven Ridge base and enter it to apprehend Hale, who is more than willing to surrender after a terrifying encounter with Creel in which he informed her of Quinn and Hall's consciousness being trapped within the gravitonium. Hale reveals how Ruby wants to become the Destroyer of Worlds and is prepared to take them to the facility where she has Fitz and Simmons captive. May and Daisy call Coulson to inform him, Mack, and Deke to tell them what they have learned and how badly Creel has been psychologically effected by being exposed to the gravitonium.

Talbot visits Robin, intent on questioning her about the things she has learned through her visions. Talbot chokes Robin's mother to death while Robin ignores her pleas to find help. Talbot tells Robin she is coming with him and Robin replies that she already knows.

Strucker helps Ruby being the infusion process. She screams in pain as it begins which is heard by Hale, May, and Daisy arrive. Strucker is distraught that Ruby is in pain and Simmons is able to pause the infusion process when Ruby has only taken 8% of the gravitonium into her body. They open the chamber and Ruby levitates out before dropping to the ground. Strucker tries to comfort her and Ruby promises he's not going anywhere but Ruby accidentally crushes Strucker's skull, killing him with new abilities she can't control. Ruby cries out, begging them to get the voices out of her head and she throws Fitz and Simmons against the wall when they tell her there is no way to reverse the process. May helps Fitz and Simmons escape from the room while Ruby continues to cry out in pain.

Coulson and Mack catch up to Talbot, who has Robin in his custody. Coulson tries to make him see that he's been brainwashed so Robin will be safe. Eventually, Coulson and Mack are able to subdue him and get Robin back.

Daisy tries to reason with Ruby and help her get control of her abilities, while Hale also tries to calm her down. Yo-Yo shows up to try to help Daisy, who is intent on not using her powers in the presence of the gravitonium because doing so would risk destroying the world. Ruby wants to take Daisy out but Hale tells her that Daisy is on her side and all she ever wanted was for Ruby to fulfill her potential, apologizing for how wrong everything has gone. When Yo-Yo shows up, she realises that Ruby is the one who took her arms. Daisy tries to reason with Yo-Yo and understand that Ruby is just a kid who needs help but Yo-Yo decides to avenge the loss of her arms and stop an ever-out-of-control Ruby by slicing Ruby's neck with her own chakram. Hale cries as she holds her dying daughter in her arms and then Ruby's dead body begins to levitate. A blast of energy shoots out of her and then Hale escapes before May, Fitz, and Simmons return. Daisy is angry at Yo-Yo for killing Ruby, but Yo-Yo remains sure that she has just saved the world.

Later, Hale is seen visiting the Confederacy ship and informing Qovas that SHIELD has gained possession of the gravitonium and can reveal where they're hiding.

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