Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E20 "The One Who Will Save Us All" Recap

Talbot brings Coulson with him to break into Qovas' ship. Talbot claims to not be effected by the voices continued within the gravitonium as his military experience and status enables him to keep them in line. When they are captured by guards, Talbot declares himself the new leader and expresses control by killing one of the guards with his abilities, ordering the commander to kneel before him. The commander and all the other aliens relent and kneel.

Back at the Lighthouse, SHIELD has taken one of the warriors captive and discover he is on a substance called odium that is supposed to improve his abilities to fight as a warrior but he ultimately dies from the effects of the substance. Simmons is tasked with dissecting the body to learn more about odium.

Coulson meets with Hale, who appears remorseful and guilty over the death of Ruby. Coulson offer her the opportunity to help them make things right and tells her about Talbot having entered the box and absorbed the remaining gravitonium. She gives up information on the Confederacy, whom Hydra had made a deal with to trade gravitonium and Inhumans for protecting Earth from any invading threats.

Daisy returns to the Lighthouse with Jiaying's corpse and ends up in a fight with Yo-Yo that is only stopped when May fires a warning shot from her gun and says they need to focus on helping Coulson. May reprimands Yo-Yo, saying she must either find a way to help them or to leave and not come back. When Daisy is reunited with Deke he tells her that Fitz and Simmons are his grandparents.

Talbot leaves to go to a meeting with other alien leaders of the Confederacy, intent on renegotiating the terms of their agreement with Earth. The Confederacy is displeased with his unexpected arrival to the meeting but they are forced to comply when Talbot uses the gravitonium to kill and absorb one of the members.

Fitz tries to apologise to to Mack but he blames Fitz and Simmons for Yo-Yo's path into darkness that escalated till she killed Ruby. They are unable to come to an agreement on their differing philosophies. Meanwhile, Daisy shows Simmons the Centipede serums and Jiaying's body that she believes can be combined to try to save Coulson. Simmons is concerned about the ethical implications but Daisy pushes her to give it a shot if it means Coulson can stay alive.

Kasius' father, Taryan, attempts to manipulate Talbot by telling him about the threat Thanos' imminent invasion poses to the earth. He encourages Talbot to increase his powers by revealing that there are further untapped subterranean deposits of gravitonium on Earth. When Talbot returns to the ship and reveals his intentions, Coulson and Hale are unable to convince him of Taryan's true motives. Talbot won't listen to Coulson's concerns that the gravitonium is too unstable to further load himself up. Coulson and Hale have no choice but to comply with Talbot's wishes.

SHIELD equips the Zephyr with gravitonium in order to make it capable of space travel and make their way up to Qovas' ship. Talbot becomes increasingly paranoid and accuses Coulson of mutiny and conspiring with SHIELD to take the ship away from him. Daisy and May board the ship after Hale lies and claims that she tried to convince Coulson not to do it. Talbot holds Coulson captive and levitating off the ground, threatening to kill him if Daisy tries to use her powers. Hale attempts to trigger Talbot's brainwashing, prompting him to put Coulson down but then he kills Hale in retaliation for what he sees as her betrayal. Daisy tries to use her powers against him but it does little more than make him slide back a few inches. He knocks her out with a wave of his fingers and May is forced to surrender when Talbot threatens Coulson's life.

Some time later, Daisy is shown to be imprisoned by Taryan who intends to take her back to his homeworld.

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