Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E21 "The Force of Gravity" Recap

Daisy is still unconscious and being transported but Taryan uses a device to communicate with her while she is still out cold. She realises she's not conscious as their conversation progresses, and it's revealed that the device is attached to her forehead while she is being moved. Daisy is eventually able to activate her powers and snap the device in half which allows her to wake up and fight off the guards around her.

Talbot leaves the ship on a Quinjet to head back to Earth with some Remoraths. Talbot kills Agent Kim and Deke calls Mack to tell him what has happened. Mack ponders if they can talk Talbot down if they can only find him first. Deke manages to fight through the guards to get to Coulson and May and break them out of their holding cell. Deke also informs them of Talbot returning to Earth on the Quinjet. They then catch up to Daisy after she escaped her guards. Coulson says they can't leave yet because the ship has some ionizer missiles armed towards the Lighthouse and if they don't take those out first, they will risk the lives of all the innocent people living at River's End.

Talbot visits Creel at a hospital and approaches him, offering to give him the peace he has been searching for since he was exposed to the gravitonium. Creel takes his hand and finally feels peace but then Talbot fully absorbs Creel into his body.

Simmons continues to work on a cure for Coulson using the Centipede serum that Daisy brought back.

Mack deduces that Talbot is ultimately trying to prove that he is a good father. Mack and Yo-Yo use this to track Talbot down at his family home where his (ex-)wife and son are living. Talbot's powers and emotions get the better of him and he is prepared to kill his wife right when Mack and Yo-Yo arrive. They have their guns pointed at him and he is prepared to unleash his powers on them but he opts to leave them alone when his song George convinces him to not to hurt them. Talbot flies off, determined to prove he is a hero.

May continues to fight Qovas while Coulson and May get away on the Zephyr. Deke is able to reroute the missiles to target the ship and Qovas dies on board after May and Deke successfully teleport back to Earth into the Lighthouse where they are reunited with Fitz and Simmons. Coulson collapses from his sickness on board the Zephyr, prompting Daisy to rush him back to the Lighthouse. He is bleeding out but Fitz and Simmons are able to patch him up for the time being.

Fitz and Simmons have determined that the remaining Centipede serum could be combined with Jiaying's DNA or odium. The decision must be made as to whether to save Coulson or to stop Talbot.

Finally, Talbot rekidnaps Polly and Robin, and asks Robin to tell him where the remaining gravitonium is.

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