Méndez, Margaret, and Renaida Among Names To Compete in Andra Chansen

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Andra Chansen always marks an interesting set of analysis, as sometimes odd duels are formed that send fans spinning into speculations as to what factors will give a particular competitor the edge to the voting public. Margaret will face Moncho in the first duel, and many believe that Margaret will be the one to win it due to the larger successes she has had on the Swedish charts as well as the greater commercial traction her song has had compared to Moncho's. If she qualifies, it will be the first time a foreign, non-Swedish act has made it to the Melodifestivalen finals.

Renaida and Olivia Eliasson are set to duel in the second round and this is arguably the most difficult to predict since they are both relatively new to their professional careers, with their Melodifestivalen entries being their largest commercial hits to date. Additionally, Renaida's song has been available for about a month now due to her being a qualifier from semi-final 1, while Olivia only just qualified last week. Thus it makes the numbers one would hope to look over to compare skewed due to extenuating circumstances.

Felix Sandman will duel Mimi Werner in the third round and there is little to no doubt that Felix will be the one to win it. With his pre-established name and fan-following, and the immediate traction the song has begun to build in such a short amount of time, he could have just as easily been one of the direct qualifiers from his semi-final. Finally, Méndez will duel Sigrid Bernson. This is likely to be another close match, as Méndez's song has been massively popular with the Swedish public while Sigrid is quite well known and liked, particularly by her young fans on social medias.

Watch our press conference interviews with Méndez, Olivia Eliasson, Felix Sandman, Renaida, Margaret, Moncho, and Mimi Werner here:


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