Mimi Werner Thrilled To Be In Andra Chansen (Melodifestivalen)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Mimi Werner qualified to Andra Chansen on her sophomore endeavour in Melodifestivalen. With a vibrant, warm number designed with numerous orange accents, Mimi is quick to share about her love of fashion. This creative eye comes in handy when she designs various pieces for her own wardrobe, including a special jacket she wears for her number with "Songburning" embellished on the back.

Mimi's music is primarily rooted in the country genre, albeit with varying degrees of a pop flair depending on the release. Mimi also teases about a new album she'll be releasing following her run in the contest. With fewer and fewer mainstream Swedish artists, particularly those that participate in Melodifestivalen, bothering to release full studio albums it's particularly impressive for an artist like Mimi to have completed a project and have it prepared to release in a timely manner.

Watch our full interview with Mimi Werner here:


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