Shadowhunters S03E01 "On Infernal Ground" Recap

Clary goes through the ceremony to receive the rune of the Angel and become a fully fledged Shadowhunter. She is commended for stopping Valentine from using a wish from the Angel. What everyone except her and Jace don't know is that she used the Angel's wish to resurrect Jace after he was killed in battle. Alec is suspicious of what happened at Lake Lyn because he felt Jace die and his parabatai had disappeared when that happened. He is grateful that Jace is alive but still confronts Clary about the matter after her Shadowhunter ceremony. Jace warns Clary that no one can know what she has done to save him.

Luke's colleague Ollie has been pestering him to give her answers about the strange happenings she has encountered in the city. She has scratches on her arm that are scarred from an attack she experienced over four years ago. It was a wolf but the paramedics claimed it was a dog attack. She began researching and became convinced that was a werewolf. Luke is dismissive of her claims but she won't be swayed from her suspicions of the existence of werewolves.

Jonathan's newly resurrected mother goes to the hospital to look at the newborn babies. She meets a kind doctor whom she later attacks on the street in her demonic form and blows a toxic, supernatural substance into his mouth. When the doctor returns home he viciously slits the throat of his wife when she returns home from a business trip.

Alec is offered a promotion in the Shadowhunters ranking and tells Magnus about this. Alec is torn about whether to accept the job because it would mean moving to Idris where Magnus would be unable to visit him.

Clary gets to choose her signature weapon and decides on a pair of dual kindjals. Jace later has a nightmare of being intimate with Clary before Jonathan appears and tells Jace to stab Clary in the heart. Jace and Clary try to fight Jonathan off but she is stabbed in the struggle. He drops the knife by her body before walking off in the rain.

Simon visits the Seelie Queen at her request and orders her soldiers to hold him still so he can be branded with a make that fades a few seconds after it is placed on his forehead. The Seelie Queen tells him that only a Daylighter would be able to survive the ceremony.

Luke and Ollie are called in to investigate the murder of the doctor's wife. Luke immediately determines that there is something supernatural at play. He heads to meet with the Shadowhunters to get their help in investigating the case.

Raphael visits Magnus and asks for a powerful vampire tranquilizer to help him sleep. He has been struggling to do so ever since he found out his last living relative is dying.

Isabelle meets and flirts with a good-looking doctor named Charlie while she and Chase are at the hospital to investigate the recent murder. Clary is with Luke and tells her that the new weapons she has picked out belonged to her mother and father. Their conversation is interrupted by Ollie calling Luke to say that she's found the doctor wandering the streets. Luke warns her to not approach him but she goes after him anyway right before he's set to meet with his grandfather. The doctor whooshes away using a supernatural speed ability that has manifested since Jonathan's mother started performing a ritual on him. Ollie follows after him but when he starts to move towards her, the bullets she shoots do nothing to stop him.

Luke appears in his werewolf form to try to fight the doctor but he gets thrown away and knocked out before Ollie suffers the same fate. Clary attacks the doctor next but when she tries to use a rune on him, a winged creature bursts out of him and flies off. Clary tries to catch the creature and taunts it into attacking her. When it gets close enough she uses her angelic rune to kill the creature, causing Jonathan's mother to cry out in agony at feeling the loss of her creature.

Simon demands to know what the Seelie Queen has done to him and to be released to go home. She says he's free to leave and gives him an ominous warning that where he goes, darkness will follow even if he is in daylight.

Ollie is brought to the hospital to be tended to. She tells Luke that he was the wolf that saved her and he relents, admitting that everything she saw was real. He apologises for lying, saying that all the legends are true.

Simon meets with Maia and explains that he was missing because he was with the Seelie Queen. He says he had to do it because it was the only way that Maia would be able to leave the realm. He says he did what she wanted because he couldn't live knowing that Maia was in danger. Maia chastises him but is nonetheless grateful.

Alec confronts Magnus for not being forthcoming with his feelings, more specifically that he is upset about the idea of Alec leaving for Idris. Magnus apologises for not being better at communicating his feelings. Magnus admits that he doesn't want Alec to move to Idris. He doesn't want to control Alec's life but wants to be honest about how he feels. Alec assures him that he's not going anywhere.

Jace enjoys an inmate moment with Clary that is eerily similar to his earlier nightmare. He is shaken and asks Clary if he can just hold her.

Jonathan's mother sends one of her creatures to bring forth her other disciples.

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