Shadowhunters S03E03 "What Lies Beneath" Recap

Jace continues to struggle with visions of Jonathan tormenting him. Clary becomes worried by how hard he is pushing himself, even forgoing sleep in the process. Seven mundanes have been killed in the last 48 hours and Jace finally theorises that the so-called owl-faced demon they've spotted on surveillance footage is a glamour being used by Jonathan.

Simon realises that the mark the Seelie Queen marked onto his face has some sort of unknown power so she decides to return to the Seelie Realm to get answers about what it is.

Raphael spends time with Rosa, an elderly woman that is his last remaining relative. When he was alive, he was her older brother. He also struggles to deal with Heidi, a newly turned vampire that is acting up with very little impulse control about her hunger and abilities. She makes demands to be let go and to meet her sire but Raphael gives her a potent sedative to knock her out and keep her under control.

Jace and Clary still disagree about the demon being Jonathan. She believes he is truly dead and Jace decides to finally tell her about the nightmares he's been having. He believes that Jonathan will emerge on an upcoming mission in order to finish what he started.

Raphael gets the news that his sister Rosa has died, leaving him devastated. He won't be able to attend her funeral because it will be happening during the day and Isabelle offers to attend it on his behalf.

Clary confides in Isabelle about her concerns about Jace's lack of sleep and his paranoia about Jonathan. Isabelle decides to come with them on the upcoming mission, leaving Alec and Magnus alone to have dinner with Alec's mother. She reveals that the investigation has been reopened into former Circle members because of Malachi's coup. As a result, the Clave has reclassified her as a traitor. Her runes will be stripped in a few day and then she will be exiled from Alicante. She shares how she was the one to recruit many people because she believed Valentine was the answer and didn't leave until she realised how wrong she was. Despite Alec's outrage at the punishment she is being dealt, she insists that the punishment is just. Alec wants to step down from his position but his mother insists that he stay put and be better than those from her generation were. She apologises to Magnus for her past prejudices against him and asks Alec not to tell Isabelle and Jace, since she wants to tell them herself.

Simon tries to ask Raphael for information about the Daylighter legend but Raphael is too distraught to want to help or talk. The tension escalates until Raphael tries to attack Simon and the mark projects a protective blast that knocks Raphael back. Simon later tries to get into the Seelie Realm but finds that he is locked out, though Maia promises to help him find the answers he is looking for.

Jace is at the club accompanied by Clary and Isabelle. They are all keeping an eye out. Isabelle is momentarily distracted when a hot doctor she previously had a flirtation with approaches her to ask for her number. Jace has a confrontation with Jonathan, though it still remains uncertain if those are just hallucinations. Clary and Isabelle realise that Morgan, the mundane they were supposed to be guarding, has gone missing. They find her phone broken and follow the sounds of her screaming outside where she is being attacked by the owl-faced demon. They are too late to stop Morgan from being possessed. Isabelle takes off chasing her while Clary faces off against the demon. She tells the demon to show their face, calling them Jonathan. The demon appears intrigued by the mention of this name and lets Clary go before flying off.

Luke visits Simon and delivers the bad news that he can no longer stay there because of the recent manifestations of his powers and the harm they caused to the wolves.

Raphael returns to his place and learns that Heidi has attacked another vampire there and escaped.

Morgan is locked up at the Institute to protect herself and others. Isabelle and Clary are uncertain where Jace is since he has been missing since they lost him at the club. Isabelle tells Clary that the demon isn't Jonathan because she got her whip on it and the electrum didn't react. Finally, the owl-faced demon is revealed to be Jace who doesn't seem to be aware while working in a sort of trance. However, the blood is being collected in an effort to revive Jonathan.

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