Shadowhunters S03E04 "Thy Soul Instructed" Recap

Jonathan's mother shares how she was unable to bear a child for thousands of years before she finally had Jonathan. Since Jace was then to kill him, this is the reason she has chosen him to be her puppet to bring forth 33 disciples that will be used to resurrect Jonathan before she will kill Jace to complete her revenge. She commands him to go dispatch of the girl, Morgan, whom he lost while fighting off Isabelle and Clary. Jace heads back to the Institute, still in a trance, and doesn't snap out of it until Clary approaches him to ask where he's been and puts her hand on his shoulder. This breaks him out of his trance and he is shocked and confused to find that he is at the Institute and has no idea where he's been or how he got there. He shares how the last thing he remembers is fighting Jonathan at the club. Clary shares how the Owl can't be Jonathan because of Izzy's whip. Once again, Clary pushes Jace to let her tell others so he can get some help but he continues to refuse, saying it's too dangerous to tell anyone that she used the wish to resurrect him.

Alec has been questioning Morgan and the only thing she has been saying is a demand to be taken to Sarah. Morgan's twin sister is Sarah and based on the previous patterns of the victims, she has presumably been compelled to kill her since all the mundanes that have been possessed have then been compelled to kill a close loved one. Additionally, her cells appear to now be entirely demonic with no trace of being a regular mundane.

Maia argues with Luke over him kicking out Simon, saying that he's abandoning Simon when he's in need and he is playing into the bigotry against him.

Heidi attacks a blood bank truck and steals some bags to feed on before chasing the worker down to feed on him instead.

Simon has been living in his truck and encounters a delivery man named Kyle whom he accidentally causes to crash his bike. He offers to drive him to his next delivery since his bike was broken in the crash. The two get to talking and Kyle happens to be looking for a roommate. Although Simon had been hoping to find a place for himself since he needs his privacy due to being a vampire and a Daylighter with a new protective mark sparking chaos in his life, the offer proves too good to pass up and he agrees to move in.

Alec is still suspicious of what happened when his parabatai rune disappeared and the strange behaviour Jace has been exhibiting ever since he came back. He asks Clary if there's anything he needs to know and she denies anything, wanting to respect Jace's wishes for now. Alec talks to Jace, suggesting that he might have inherited his mother's propensity for mental illness but Jace lashes out, saying he's only trying to solve the case. But later he asks Luke about the symptoms his mother would exhibit before she killed herself and when Luke shares some, Jace appears concerned that it may apply to him. Luke does say how the one thing that tended to keep her steadier was being close to Jace's father. Luke tells Jace to remember to hang on to the good.

Clary and Izzy investigate the attack on the blood bank truck and the worker from it. The body of the worker is nowhere to be found but there are enough clues for them to realise that he must be dead. Meanwhile, Heidi tracks down Simon's old place of residence and enjoy sniffing some of his clothes before Raphael appears and tries to stake her before she uses some of the same sedative he had used on her to knock him out.

Alec expresses his worried about Jace to Magnus, who advises him not to lose hope.

While Clary and Izzy are investigating the vampire attack, Izzy admits that she still has feelings for Raphael but it's complicated for them to try to be together because they felt like they'd be too tempted by their old habits if they were in a relationship. The conversation is interrupted by Clary picking up on a tracking of the victim which means that they are still alive.

Heidi strips Raphael down to his boxers and chains him to a rooftop. She confronts him for resurrecting her just to be her guinea pig. He apologises and she reveals that she intends to keep him chained to the roof so he will burn once the sun rises. He says that he was only experimenting on her to try to give all vampires the power to walk in the sun. She reveals that the mundane she killed she then decided to turn into a vampire just as she was turned.

Jace is momentarily confronted by Jonathan's mother and doesn't recognise her until she retriggers the trance. She asks why he didn't fulfill her order to kill the mundane and he says that Clary and his love for her is what broke him free. She orders him once again to fulfill his mission and declares that she will take care of Clary.

Clary and Izzy find the hole in the basement where Heidi had buried Leo, the blood bank worker. He has already transformed into a vampire and refuses to give up the location of his sire. Clary and Izzy fight him and together are able to kill him.

Raphael is trapped on the rooftop and his foot is already exposed to the sun and as it continues to rise so does the burn up his leg. Clary and Izzy hear Raphael screaming on the roof and manage to get there in time to break him free and out of the sun. He claims to have followed a lead on the vampire and to not know who she is.

Jace, still in his trance, goes back to the Institute and heads to complete his mission of killing Morgan. He knocks out the security power and goes to the cell where Morgan is trapped. He assumes his Owl form and begins reciting a spell in Latin that sends her flying back into the concrete wall.

Clary, Alec, and Magnus head down to check on Morgan and find her lying on the ground. She wakes and is found to be free of all demonic possession.

Isabelle visits Raphael to confront him, having known that he was lying about not knowing who the vampire was. He admits to conducting experiments to be able to make the vampires into Daylighters. He claims he only wanted to be able to be with his family again and have a bit of normalcy back. Isabelle is devastated and promises not to report his crimes to the Clave on the condition that he leave the city that night.

Finally, Simon's new roommate Kyle is revealed to know Luke. They have a private phone call in which Kyle tells him to stay away, claiming that Simon belongs to the "Praetor" now.

Jace wakes in his room, more confused than ever, and clutches onto his family ring. Clary comes in and sees that something is wrong. He says that he was walking back from the Jade Wolf and doesn't know how he got back to the Institute. He admits that he is now worried that he's losing his mind.

Jonathan's mother Lilith visits Magnus, saying she needs his help with something. He lets her in, none the wiser as to who she is or what nefarious deeds she is up to.

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