Shadowhunters S03E06 "A Window Into an Empty Room" Recap

Heidi holds a woman captive to feed on her and use her belongings to pamper herself in preparation of meeting Simon, who has been working with Kyle to test out the powers of his mark. When Simon returns to his apartment he finds Heidi waiting for him, saying that they're bonded forever. Simon encourages her to talk to Raphael since he was the one who dug her up, angering Heidi who reminds him that his blood runs through her veins. She tells them that they belong together and that he will see the truth of this eventually.

Alec is struggling about the idea of him growing old and feeble and a burden to Magnus. Magnus tries to reassure him but Alec takes what he's saying as a suggestion that he should have dated someone else before him. Izzy later advises Alec that what he and Magnus has is real and that they will find a way to make it work.

Alec's mother comes to visit him and Izzy and tells them she's found a place. She is also looking for Jace but no one seems to have noticed yet that he is missing since everyone thinks he has gone to get treatment for his mental health. In actuality, Jace is getting orders from Lilith to find the last virtuous mundane to complete the ritual to bring Jonathan back. Lilith says that she knows the real Jace is still buried inside and that when all this is through he will wake to find all his friends dead and his world burning at the hands of Jonathan.

Simon tells Maia about Heidi and she advises him to help Heidi since it can't be easy to be a new vampire without a support system. Simon decides to text Raphael to ask for some tips on how to be a good sire.

Izzy tells her mother to come out with her and Alec for a night out and she agrees on the condition that Izzy bring Charlie, the hot doctor she's been seeing.

Alec runs into Jace on the street and asks why he's back already. Jace claims that he has completed his treatment already and is cleared for duty. He comes back to the Institute and pretends like everything is okay but Clary is suspicious that something is off with him.

Simon goes to meet with Raphael but finds Heidi waiting for him, having catfished him with Raphael's phone. He tries to make amends for being dismissive before and says he's willing to help her as her sire but rejects her advances when she tries to kiss him, saying that he has a girlfriend. She pretends to be accepting of this information but appears to be furious after he leaves.

Clary visits Magnus for help in understanding what happened when the demon touched her before she passed out. He examines her magically and determines that the energy signature is from the same demon that corrupted the ley lines. Magnus magically sends a message to an old contact, Brother Zachariah, that should be able to help him identify the beast. Clary shares how Jace had been acting strange earlier and didn't seem to be happy to see her. Magnus advises her to be patient and then gets a message back form Zachariah that he's willing to meet tonight.

Simon gets back to his place and advises Maia that they need to go into hiding until they can figure out what to do about Heidi. Simon is worried about Maia's safety but she is confident she'll be able to handle any threat that should come for her.

Jace sets his sights on Charlie, the doctor Izzy has been seeing, to be the final victim in Lilith's ritual after meeting him at the family dinner with Izzy, Alec, and Maryse. While at the hunter's moon, Marlyse talks with Luke, who is kind to her about her being excommunicated. It's suggested that there is a flirtation that will blossom into something greater.

Magnus and Clary are waiting for Zachariah and Magnus opens up about the fight he had with Alec. Clary assures him that they will find a way to work it out. Zachariah arrives and Clary is shocked to learn from him that Jace never came to the Silent City for treatment. However, they do receive the information from him to aid in their quest to uncover the identity of the demon that's been threatening them.

Heidi watches Simon from outside the hunter's moon and sees him talking to Izzy, coming to the conclusion that she is his girlfriend instead of Maia. She tries to attack Izzy in a back room but Izzy is able to knock her own. She is prepared to kill Heidi but Simon hears the conflict and steps in to stop the fight. He promises that he will make sure she never hurts anyone again despite Izzy's wishes to turn her in to the Clave. Izzy inadvertently saves Charlie from being taken outside and possessed by Jace.

Simon brings Heidi back to where she's been staying and turns her in to the Praetor Lupus in the hopes that they'll be able to rehabilitate her. He seems saddened to not have been able to be the one to directly help her but Kyle assures him that he's doing the right thing.

Jace spots Ollie, Luke's cop partner, coming in to let him know about a lead she found on the recent murders. Jace follows her outside as she's leaving.

Clary and Magnus teleport back to the city and Magnus deduces that the woman who came to ask for the elixir to make someone fall out of love was the actual demon and they had stolen a sliver of Clary's soul in order to give to Jace.

Jace attacks Ollie as the Owl demon and Clary and Magnus run up on the scene as he's trying to possess her. Luke also arrives and shoots the Owl demon in the back multiple times after he has fought Clary and Magnus. This causes him to uncloak his disguise, showing everyone that the Owl is actually Jace. Jace uses his demonic abilities to escape and Ollie also scurries away, having now been possessed.

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