Shadowhunters S03E07 "Salt in the Wound" Recap

Following the reveal of Jace as the Owl demon, Clary follows him up to the roof and the two fight. Clary tries to get the real Jace to break through and tells him she loves him but Jace responds that he doesn't love her anymore and throws Clary off the roof. She falls onto a car below and falls unconscious.

Simon is feeling guilty about turning Heidi in to Praetor Lupus but Kyle assures him that he did the right thing. Maia comes over and is shocked to see Kyle, as he was the werewolf that turned her. Simon is outraged and leaves the apartment intent on following Maia until Clary calls him asking for help since she can't move from where she has fallen onto the roof of the car. Simon gets her back to the Institute where the team is reconvening and she is patched up from her encounter with Jace. The demon is finally identified as Lilith, Queen of Edom, using the Silent City archives and a drawing Clary put together after she faced it. Lilith had been Adam's first wife back in the Garden of Eden and the mother of all demons. Clary finally admits to the group that Jace really did die at the lake and that she made a wish to bring him back. Bringing him back is what made him vulnerable to being preyed upon by Lilith. Clary is prepared to take whatever punishment Alec sees fit but he only hugs her and admits that he would've done the same thing.

Luke calls Ollie's partner and warns her that she needs to go somewhere safe. Ollie is revealed to have killed her mother to fulfill the sacrifice for Lilith. This is the 33rd sacrifice which means that Jonathan should be nourished enough to rise again.

Magnus informs the group that he should be able to reverse Lilith's hold on Jace if they can capture and hold the Owl demon long enough for Magnus to work his magic. Izzy proposes using a piece of Clave technology that never made it into the field called the Malachi configuration. Malachi had invented a type of cage for Greater Demons that can be used to hold him. Magnus blames himself for giving Lilith the elixir and Alec assures him he's not to blame himself and the two resolve their fight, ready to move forward and save Jace.

Simon tracks down Maia and checks to see if she's okay. She is still shaken by seeing Jordan Kyle again and tells him she just wants to be alone for a bit while she works through it. Flashbacks start that show the beginnings and progression of Maia and Jordan's relationship. They met on the beach where he was preparing to go surfing and she was sitting reading Charles Dickens. They had made plans to run away to Fiji together but Kyle got scratched by a werewolf and lost his temper at her when she said she got a scholarship to a university which she wanted to pursue instead of running away with him. Maia broke up with Jordan and he began following her. She ordered him to stay out of her life and shortly thereafter he turned into a wolf, as it was conveniently the night of the full moon, and when he later woke up again as a human he found blood on his hand. Upon following the blood trail he found Maia lying on the ground nearby with a scratch on her neck. She asked Jordan what he was and he proceeded to run away.

Lilith orders Jace to go to Alicante to get to the Cemetery of the Disgraced. She wants a sample of flesh of Valentine, Jonathan's father, for the ritual.

Simon and Luke head out to investigate a lead on where Lilith has set up her lair. Luke also admits that he was the one that sent Praetor Lupus to help Simon though he didn't know they would send Maia's ex that turned her. Jordan Kyle has already made a call in to his superiors asking to be taken off the case despite the fact that leaving his assignment would mean severe punishment.

The shadowhunters head to Alicante to try to find Jace. Clary ponders if Jace would've been better off if he hadn't met her but Izzy assures her that he was happier after he met her than before. The shadowhunters try to warn the inquisitor that Jace has been possessed but Jace is still able to murder her in her office and steal her thumb to get into the Cemetery of the Disgraced. While the inquisitor is dying on the floor, she is able to draw a rune and send it out to Alec so they'll know that Jace is already here.

Simon and Luke make it to Lilith's lair. Luke tries to appeal to Ollie and make her remember who she really is but is unable to break through. Two of Lilith's 'children' try to attack Simon and his mark sends out a blast that disintegrates them into piles of salt.

The shadowhunters manage to trap Jace at the cemetery. When guards are approaching, Clary sends the rest of the group back to Magnus' place through a portal while she will be taken in for questioning at the Gard.

Maia shows up at Jordan's apartment just as he's about to leave with a letter he had written to explain everything to her. He shares how he was scratched on a camping trick and too scared to tell her what was really happening. He was still a new wolf and unable to control his Turns at the time when he scratched her. She is understanding of struggling to control Turns but what she can't fathom is that he would just leave her wounded without staying to check if she was okay. He then joined the Praetor to try to help others as a way of helping others but she still won't forgive him for what he has done. He says that he will be leaving the case but she orders him to stay, saying that he cannot abandon Simon the way he abandoned her.

Lilith learns from Ollie that there is a Daylighter walking around, which is how two of her disciples were turned to salt.

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