Shadowhunters S03E08 "A Heart of Darkness" Recap

Clary is interrogated by Jia Penhallow about her visit to the city and a magical lie detector of sorts is used to ensure that they get all the information they're after from her. For starters, she reveals how the team was there to steal the Malachi Configuration.

Magnus tells Alec he is the strongest connection Jace has currently so he is the best chance of saving him. Magnus is worried about the risks of sending Alec into Jace's mind but Alec will not give up on Jace regardless of the risks. Izzy will go into Jace's mind with him and the only way to get Jace out is for all of them to be linked since Magnus will only have one chance to pull them all out.

Ollie reveals to Lilith that Simon has been gifted with the mark of Cain. Lilith sends some of her disciples out to search for Jace while she decides to pay a visit to the Seelie Queen to determine what sort of power has been bestowed upon Simon. Simon is meeting with Maia when Jordan pays them a visit and Maia tells Simon they have talked things out and he will continue to help him since it's what she wants.

As Clary continues to be questioned, she reveals the truth about Jace being possessed as well as using the angel's wish to resurrect him after his death at Lake Lyn. As punishment for breaking this rule Clary is sentenced to death.

Magnus struggles to get Alec and Izzy into Jace's mind until they decide to undo the Malachi Configuration and put him in chains that are strong enough to have held an angel captive for twenty-five years.

Simon, Maia, and Jordan team up to visit the location that Lilith was using as a lair in order to search for clues as to where she is now. Maia struggles with the emotional turmoil of Jordan being back in her life and nearly turns due to the uprising of emotions but Simon manages to calm her down. Maia later decides to leave the city, telling Simon she just needs some time to figure things out.

Lilith invades the Seelie realm and murders many of its inhabitants. The Seelie Queen leverages her knowledge of Jace's location in order to keep Lilith from killing her too.

Inside Jace's mind, Alec and Izzy have accidentally gotten separated. Izzy manages to gain the trust of a child version of Jace while Alec tracks down the adult version of Jace that has been forced to kill Clary over and over again and has even tried to kill himself in the hopes of making Lilith's torture stop. Jace is overcome with emotions upon realizing that Alec is really there in his mind with him and it's then that Izzy manages to find them too. Jace begs them to kill him, as he would rather die than continue to be trapped under Lilith's control but Alec insists that he will find a way to get him out and free. But just as they're preparing to leave Jace's mind together Lilith arrives and interrupts Magnus' work. She spares Magnus from death because she fears starting a war with his father but does threaten him before leaving with Jace back in her custody.

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