Shadowhunters S03E09 "Familia Ante Omnia" Recap

Clary is washed and prepped before being dressed in red robes and chains. She is then placed into a holding cell alongside other prisoners set to be executed and watches in horror as one of them is burned alive. While Clary watches more prisoners be burned alive, she learns from another one of them that Jia Penhallow wants to have Valentine temporarily resurrected in order to question him about a demon.

Simon is angry at Jordan for sharing his feelings for Maia as it has caused her significant confusion. He insists that from now on the two of them will only have a professional relationship instead of a personal friendship too, prompting Jordan to share that he has determined that the mark he was branded with the Mark of Cain. This mark causes any that would do harm to him to receive it seven times over. Simon wonders if he can use this mark to rescue Clary but is distracted by his need for blood since it's been a while since he last fed given all the recent distractions. Jordan leaves to find some blood for him.

Magnus visits Alec and Izzy to inform them he has found a way to free Jace of the dark magic Lilith has him imprisoned in. He can break the mental cage Jace is trapped in by blasting him with enough magic to banish Lilith's presence in his mind. But in order to do this he will need to use a powerful spell that will allow him to temporarily channel the magic of other warlocks. But first he will need to get permission from the High Warlock in order to organise all of this.

Jace brings Heidi to Lilith, who plans to manipulate her into being a distraction for Simon to keep him from interfering with her plans.

When it is Clary's turn to be executed, she offers to resurrect Valentine and Jia Penhallow agrees to stay her execution for the time being. After Valentine is resurrected, Jia tries to send Clary back to the courtyard but Valentine refuses to answer anyone's questions besides Clary. He reveals that he summoned Lilith once while alive in order to get a dose of her blood to inject into Jonathan while he was still in the womb so that he would have the strength of angels and demons to do his bidding. In return, Lilith would be able to have the one thing she always wanted but was never able to have -- a child.

Luke tries to get his pack to come with him to go after Clary on a rescue mission but they refuse to put themselves into that level of danger so Luke leaves the pack, prepared to take on the mission alone.

Heidi calls Simon to inform him she is at his family home. He finds that she is holding his mother and sister hostage.

Alec pushes Lorenzo to approve the warlocks to help with Magnus' spell but he instead forbids them from doing so. Magnus is encouraged by a friend to call his father for help but he refuses to go to those lengths.

Jordan visits the Institute to ask Isabelle for help since Heidi is said to have escaped, and all three of her guards were killed. Jordan returned home and found broken glass in the apartment and Simon was gone. He has one of Simon's shirts and asks her to use Shadowhunter magic to find him. Meanwhile, Heidi is forcing Simon to reveal that he is a vampire to his mother and sister by cutting Simon's sites on the neck to force him in his starving state to feed on her. Isabelle and Jordan arrive in time to stop Simon from killing his sister and Simon's mother threatens to kill him if he comes near them again, ordering him to leave and never come back.

Magnus confronts Lorenzo for not granting permission and the two end up in a magical fight. Luke calls Magnus and leaves a voicemail asking for his help in creating a portal to get him where he wants to go. Unfortunately, some officers arrive and order Luke to come in to answer some questions regarding recent suspicious behaviour he's been exhibiting.

Jia's muscle are unable to take Valentine out given the strength of the rune Clary created to resurrect him, so he takes out some of the soldiers and even momentarily gets the upperhand on Clary. Valentine makes it out to the courtyard and kills more of the guards and the executioner while freeing those that were set to be executed from their cage. He tries to rally these former Circle members to join him so he can conquer once more. However, Clary eventually manages to catch up to him and deactivate the resurrection rune, sending Valentine back to his grave for good. A guard catches up to Clary, who implores them to destroy Valentine's body but after the guard puts shackles on Clary's wrists, he's revealed to be Jace who takes a sample of Valentine's flesh to bring back to Lilith. He also says that the other piece Lilith needs for the ritual is Clary's heart, prompting Jace to take her with him.

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