Shadowhunters S03E10 "Erchomai" Recap

Magnus decides to go to Edom to search for his father Asmodeus, seeing no other option left to save Jace from Lilith's control. Clary is still being help captive by the possessed Jace, while Simon must lurk in the shadows of the hospital to see if his sister is okay while his mother is spouting stories of vampires to the police. Simon visits his sister and apologises for attacking her and corrects here misguided theory that she will now turn into a vampire. She is sympathetic upon learning how he had died when he became a vampire and didn't have his family to support him through the process. He shares how he had previously had a vampire hypnotize her and their mother in order to make them forget that he is a vampire. She is apologetic for not having been more supportive in the past and promises to be there for him now. They decide to have their mother hypnotized once more into thinking Simon is dead, while his sister forgives and accepts him completely with every promise to help him in any way that he needs from now on.

Luke is being interrogated about recent suspicious activities and gets suspended when he insists on leaving in order to help Clary. He mets up with Marlyse who informs him of how Lilith used Jace to break Clary out of the guard. It's clear to them that Clary is part of the ritual Lilith is planning and they've been able to detect that Clary is back in the city. While Clary finally comes face-to-face with Lilith, Magnus is reunited with his father.

Luke and Simon team up with the Shadowhunters to launch an attack on Lilith's base of operations. Jace and Alec end up in a personal fight in which Jace viciously breaks Alec's arm. The possessed Jace taunts Alec, saying the real Jace deep inside is begging him not to do this. Alec tells Jace he forgives him, saying it wasn't him and apologizing for not being able to save him. Just as the possessed Jace is preparing to stab and kill Alec, Magnus shows up with the magical power boost he needed from his father in order to blast Jace and free him of his possession. While Jace goes through the pain of being repossessed, Magnus checks on the injured Alec. Jace rushes over to check on Alec and Magnus reveals he can't magically fix Alec's wounds because he traded his magic in order to free Jace of his possession. Magnus promises to take care of Alec while Jace goes to get Clary and stop Lilith once and for all.

Lilith cares a mark onto Clary's chest which triggers the ritual to resurrect Jonathan. Meanwhile, Izzy and Luke are fighting off Lilith's disciples in the lobby of the building. Winged creatures explode out of some of the disciples which Izzy and Luke must continue to fight while Simon gets to Clary and undoes her restraints. Simon wants to get Clary out but she insists that they need to stop the resurrection ritual.

Jace kills the winged creatures and Luke and Izzy tell him Clary is on the top floor. While Jace heads upstairs to save her, Luke and Izzy continue to fight off the disciples. Clary distracts Lilith by threatening to slice her own throat which would prevent the ritual from being completed. Clary unleashes a blast to knock Lilith down which allows Simon to get to the box containing Jonathan which he begins to bang his fists on to try to break the glass. Lilith then tries to attack Simon which triggers the mark of Cain. Simon is sent flying through a glass window and Lilith is blasted back to Edom in a massive explosion just as Jonathan had reached out of the box to grab hold of Clary's wrist. Jace arrives to the rooftop apartment to find it destroyed.

Downstairs, the remaining disciples wake free from their possession. Back on the roof, Simon tells Jace that Clary is dead and that the explosion he caused was what killed her.

Shadowhunters will return to Freeform for the second half of season three.


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