Sigrid Bernson's Melodifestivalen Dream

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Sigrid Bernson's claim to fame came from competing as a professional dancer on the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing, on which she won three times (including being partnered with her co-competitor Benjamin Ingrosso). Having always had aspirations of being an artist with a music career, she is following up the release of some summer singles by competing in Melodifestivalen. Her song "Patrick Swayze" has been designed to energize viewers and enjoy a fun atmosphere. Though there isn't as much vigorous choreography as one might expect, Bernson aims to balance her showmanship as both a singer and dancer on the Melodifestivalen stage.

We caught up with her during the Andra Chansen round to discuss her new pop career, her dream of competing in Melodifestivalen from the time she was a child, and the YouTube channel she produces content on alongside her boyfriend Samir Badran.

Watch our full interview with Sigrid Bernson here:


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