The Sniffer S01E06 "Episode 6" Recap

Sniffer and Viktor are called in to investigate the kidnapping of a wealthy businessman's son, Nikita. The only clues left behind for Sniffer to use are the Frisbee the boy was playing with and an energy drink can left behind by the kidnapper. Sniffer determines that the man is suffering from severe liver problems and was recently discharged from a private clinic.

Viktor narrows things down to a particular clinic while Sniffer determines a particular car polish so Viktor is able to determine a specific patient to go after that matches the criterion and was discharged just four days ago. Viktor leads a SWAT team to arrest the man, Porechnikov, for kidnapping. Upon further investigation, Porechnikov is found to not be the kidnapper.

Yulia visits Sniffer to warn him not to bring any women home while Alex is staying with him, and to keep track of Alex's whereabouts while he is being the host parent.

Officers investigate more suspects matching the criterion but none are shown to be involved in the case. Nikita's mother comes in to answer questions. She hasn't seen him in a while because the court gave Nikita's father custody of him and he hasn't allowed her to see him since. She tearfully pleads for Viktor to find her son and leaves her card. Viktor orders for her to be secretly surveilled after leaving the building, as he suspects that she has a motive to get her son back from her controlling ex.

Sniffer and Viktor visit Nikita's father who has finally received a ransom letter demanding a large sum of money. Sniffer picks up some scents from the letter and leaves, while Viktor advises him not to make the payment. When Viktor leaves the house, Sniffer tells him that the letter was never inside the mailbox. This means that Nikita's mother Katya lied about certain details of the kidnapping. Katya has also been spotted entering a Japanese restaurant which matches the scents of Japanese tea that Sniffer picked up from the letter.

Viktor and Sniffer visit the restaurant and learn that Katya was there enquiring after Leonid Anatolievich, the restaurant's previous owner. Leonid is said to be a big fan of Japanese tea and likes to come in from time to time to buy some. Sergey Petrovich is said to be the new owner and had forced Leonid out. They next visit the hospital she had been staying at. When the nurse provides a hair clip Katya left behind, Sniffer determines that her scent was on the letter left by the kidnapper.

Sergey visits his former maid and begins beating her for allegedly being involved in the kidnapping. Viktor and Sniffer visit the maid, knowing she is working with Ilushin. She won't admit anything or say where Nikita is. Sniffer knows a particular rare tree is near the house and acts as a human lie detector to question the maid and figure out which of three locations is the right neighborhood. The maid wanted to avenge the death of her father by Kononv. Katya shows up to the hideout and is shocked and overjoyed to find her son is there. Leonid apologises for not telling her sooner but was worried she wouldn't be able to be convincing as a distraught mother if she knew where he was. Leonid offers her some tickets to get away with Nikita until Kononov can be put away for his crimes. But Sergey shows up and sends Nikita to his car before attacking Leonid and strangling him to death. He then goes after Katya but Viktor and Sniffer arrive just in time to stop him. Sergey is arrested and Nikita is reunited with his mother.

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