The Sniffer S01E07 "Episode 7" Recap

An underling is killed at a driving range where some mobsters are meeting and doing business. The lead gangster, Mustafa, orders one of his men to kidnap Sniffer and bring him to the range to solve the murder quickly and quietly so that it won't spark a mob war with a rival gang that the victim was a part of. Meanwhile the police are already surveilling the range and the mobsters so they see Sniffer brought there and call in Viktor to let him know. Sniffer agrees to help with the case under the condition that they do it legitimately and with the police involved. Sniffer determines that the man was killed 6-7 hours prior in a secondhand warehouse. He was strangled by a scarf, is about 40 years old, and smokes a particular type of cigarettes. The conversation is broken up by the arrival of Viktor and other officers who apprehend Mustafa and the other gangsters.

Sniffer and Viktor arrive at the correct warehouse and find the surf used to kill the victim, Misha. Sniffer recognises a smell on the scarf of insulin used to treat diabetes. Sniffer finds another dead body murdered by the same killer. The victim was one of Misha's bodyguards. Sniffer secretly takes a piece of the scarf to take back to his own personal lab for further examination.

When Mustafa and another of his associates are released from holding, some of his men are gunned down in the street by the rival gang and one of the gunmen is killed by a survivor.

Yulia visits Tatyana to get a pain in her ear checked, but also likely to snoop on Sniffer's new love interest.

Sniffer is called in to check out the crime scene of the shooting but loses him temper over there being hundreds of people that have been able to come and go and thus contaminated the scents.

Tatyana visits her husband Igor again in prison. She brings his news that his appeal has been denied since the lawyer was unable to push it through. He blames her for this and accuses her of having found someone new. He demands to know who it is and she claims to have no one. She leaves him in cell while he calls after her.

Sniffer and Viktor continue their investigation and Sniffer eventually admits that the reason he owes Mustafa is that he helped him once when he was wrongfully accused of committing a murder. They later set up a sting operation to catch the real killers, the members of the gang that wanted to frame Mustafa and start the gang war that would allow them to rise up in the ranks. They also save Mustafa from being killed by his own men.

The Sniffer is available for streaming on Netflix.


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