The Sniffer S01E08 "Episode 8" Recap

Sniffer is visited by a delivery man who brings him a package despite him not expecting to receive anything in the post. Upon opening it, he is shocked to find a letter device of any odors, and only a message telling him to "save her." The ink smells of a 25-30 year old woman with dyed blond hair. There is also a smell of stables and cash. A further scent points him towards stables. He and Viktor take this threat seriously when Viktor reveals that these scents he has picked up from the letter match a newly reported murder victim, a young woman found at some horse stables.

While Sniffer and Viktor are investigating the crime scene, Sniffer gets a call from the killer who also sent the package. Sniffer puts it on speaker so Viktor can also hear the call from the distorted voice. It's then that they find another package for Sniffer in a small box tied with a red ribbon. Once again, it's devoid of the majority of smells. The message is the same and this time the scent traces lead them to another murder victim.

Viktor and Sniffer arrive too late to save the middle-aged man whom they find in his boat. The killer is strangling his victims and Sniffer is confused as to why these people are being killed when it's Sniffer that the killer seems to have the issue with.  Later, Sniffer receives another package that sends him and Viktor to a shopping mall too late to save the next victim. A box tied with another red ribbon is left next to her body in a tanning salon.

Sniffer works to determine and trace the chemical components used to remove the traces of smell and is able to get to a ballet school in time to save a young girl with Viktor. They next track down the place where the killer had been working, finding traces of chemical experiments and lab rats. The killer calls Sniffer to taunt him while the police track the call. Sniffer finds a vial the killer has left behind for him. When Sniffer opens it he finds an object with scent traces on it indicating that the final intended victim is Sniffer's love interest, Dr. Tatyana. The killer tells Sniffer to come meet him alone or else she will be killed.

Sniffer goes into the gym he's set to meet the killer in and follows the instructions Viktor and the other police that are staking the place out have given him. Sniffer has an earpiece that he can use to hear Viktor's instructions. Tatyana is tied up with her mouth taped with relatively minor physical injuries but is of course, terrified. She also has a bomb strapped to her chair and the killer gives Sniffer the detonator before running off to try to make his escape. But Sniffer quickly deduces that the detonator he's been given is fake and runs after the killer. Officers swarm into the gym, With Viktor and a couple of them going after Sniffer. They find him beating the killer unconscious. Tatyana is saved.

The Sniffer is available for streaming on Netflix.


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