The Sniffer S02E02 "Episode 2" Recap

Sniffer is released from the hospital in time for Viktor to call him in to help with a new murder. Unbeknownst to him, he is being stalked by a sniper that has orders to kill him. The case of the week is a murder at a supermarket. A hooded figure steals an item only to be brought into the back room where security guards try to rough him up but the killer pulls out a gun and shoots them all dead before leaving.

Yulia is behind on some loan payments and doesn't have a job so when she meets with the loan officer and he displays an attraction to her she decides to trade sex for an extension on making her payments.

Sniffer determines that the killer was wearing a fake mustache to disguise himself. There is more to this case than meets the eye. The killer was also able to precisely hide his face from the security cameras which indicates that he knew where they were. They suspect that he may have previously worked there.

Sniffer is brought in to help verify whether an inmate is indeed reformed and able to be released. But when Sniffer is able to deduce that the man has made a chiv hidden on him, the man tries to attack him but is restrained. As the prison's head that brought him in apologises for the incident, Sniffer becomes overwhelmed and passes out.

Viktor and the head of tech look through security footage from the supermarket and discover that the three guards that were killed are found to have been involved in a scheme where they would plant items in the bags of female customers to force them to come to the back room and trade sexual favours to be released without getting arrested. There was a fourth guard present for some of these incidents and they find that the man brought this issue forward to HR. The company instead fired the man.

The killer takes out the other man that knew about the women victims, as he's now working security at another location. It's revealed that his wife was one of the victims of this scheme at the grocery store. Another man comes and holds the wife hostage after her husband leaves. He returns when she doesn't answer her phone and finds that the man is holding her hostage, tied to a chair with her mouth taped shut and a video camera to record himself taking advantage of her. He returns only to be knocked out by the man who sneaks up from behind. The invader is one of the employees from the grocery store. Viktor and the other officers smash their way into the apartment before the man can do anything to her. Both men are arrested and the tapes of the many women are found in the surveillance servers.

Later, a prison guard receives a strange phone call from which he can only hear the sound of some dial-up tones. He goes into a hypnotic trance and goes to the prisoner that had earlier tried to attack Sniffer. He shoots the man dead before walking off and killing himself while the same sniper that has been following Sniffer watches and informs his superior that the deed is done. Meanwhile, Viktor tells Sniffer about some dead men with military tattoos that don't match any legitimate military branches.

The Sniffer is available for streaming on Netflix.


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