The Sniffer S02E03 "Episode 3" Recap

The autistic son a wealthy businessman drops a hairdryer into the man's bathtub while he's still in, resulting in the man's death. At first glance, law enforcement assumes it's an unfortunate accident. But further investigation points to foul play.

The man's wife is later revealed to be having an extramarital affair, and the housekeeper knows about it - even going to so far as to try to blackmail her into being able to keep her job. The husband's elderly sister lives in the house as a mute but seems to be more conscious of her surroundings than people would believe. The wife asks her lover Kostya to come to her house so she can have a tryst but once again the housekeeper interrupts, threatening to go to the police to tell them about the affair if she tries to fire her. The woman threatens the housekeeper, saying she'll call the police on her for blackmail and intends to send the boy and the elderly woman to an institution. The housekeeper leaves, emotionally distraught.

The following morning, Kostya wakes to find his lover dead with strangulation marks on her neck. While checking out the home and observing the boy's rituals they are able to determine that he was taught to throw the dryer which means that someone orchestrated his father's death and used him as a tool to do so.

Viktor visits Kostya at work after Sniffer determines that he was at the house (he snuck out before the police came). Kostya tries to claim he was having an affair with his secretary and she's only willing to cover for him until she finds out he is now a murder suspect.

The housekeeper learns that she is set to inherit a significant sum of money and will be free to apply for custody over the young boy, Yegor, if she would like. Sniffer is able to trick the elderly woman into revealing that she isn't so helpless as she pretends to be. She seemingly has another attack that sends her to the hospital. The housekeeper is called to be informed that the woman is on the brink of death and now would be the right time to say goodbye. The housekeeper goes to the hospital and meets with the elderly woman who says how she saw the housekeeper strangle the woman. The housekeeper was also the one who taught Yegor to throw the hairdryer since his mother was the intended target and the death of Yegor's father was merely an accident. The elderly woman sounds the alarm and it's revealed that Sniffer, Viktor, and other officers are nearby since this was all a rouse to catch the housekeeper confessing to the crimes. Though she has some disabilities she will be able to care for Yegor and give him a stable home.

The phone that was used to call the mental clinic is turned on, allowing police to track it to a park where it has been taped to a bench. Sniffer picks it up and sniffs it, causing him to be overwhelmed momentarily before returning to his original state. From afar, an unknown figure watches the scene unfold and tells someone that the phone has been found.

The Sniffer is available for streaming on Netflix.


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