The Sniffer S02E07 "Episode 7" Recap

Viktor picks up Sniffer from the ground and tries to ask him questions about how he got there but Sniffer insists on leaving and going straight home. Later, Sniffer tells him he was just trying to get some air at the advice of his doctor and the convulsions were the result of a pollen allergy. Viktor also notices that Sniffer has a cut on his finger, yet another thing that Sniffer deflects. While Sniffer is away, Viktor takes the glass Sniffer has just been drinking from in order to check if his print matches the bloody one found in the lab. After Viktor leaves, Sniffer notices that Viktor switches his drinking glass.

A serial killer known as the Professor has been murdering homeless people and leaving their bodies in strangely mannered fashions. The most recent victims is styled to look like a character form Professor Positron's Academy, a children's show, complete with the cheesy makeup and the tacky red wig. Sniffer picks up on the fact that the victim was killed two days prior to being brought to where the body was staged. She was also chloroformed before her death. The killer was also wearing a special suit that hides his smells, and the victim's clothes were recently dry-cleaned.

The new wave of victims have been killed and staged in an identical manner to a batch of victims from ten years ago. It's not long before yet another victim turns up dead in the same fashion, complete with the wig, makeup, and rope binding her to a chair. Once again the clothes have been dry-cleaned and this time Sniffer picks up on a scent of sanitization that targets lice and mites. He's also vaguely able to pick up the scent of the killer and deduces he is between 35-40 years old. But just as he is about to leave, he smells a reporter on the crimes scene that was at the previous one and proclaims he is the killer.

Viktor brings the reporter in for questioning and he admits that while trying to film a segment on the crime, he accidentally bumped into the body. The cameraman caught it on tape and he begs Viktor not to let it get out to the public or else his career will be ruined.

Yulia visits the psychiatric hospital to check on Tatyana. The doctor claims she isn't making progress but a nurse later discreetly pulls Yulia aside to tell her that when Tatyana stopped taking her medicine her condition had improves. Immediately thereafter the doctor ordered injections on a regular basis as "treatment". She warns Yulia that Tatyana is in danger, needs to be taken away from the facility, and gives Yulia a sample of the pills that Tatyana has been forced to take. Yulia throws away the pills but after walking away for a few steps she immediately turns around and retrieves them.

Viktor manages to track down a homeless facility where both the recent murder victims had stayed. The investigation continues, while on the side Viktor starts to bring up the matter of the missing blood to Sniffer who admits to taking it and shares that the only thing he found in it was a medicine used to treat hypertension.

The Professor strikes again and this time Sniffer is able to pick up on enough scents to narrow things down further as to where they were killed, providing Viktor with a significant amount of information to go towards finding it. Viktor also visits a medical facility one of the victims had stayed at to gather more information.

Yulia brings the pills to Sniffer though she lies about where they're from to try to determine what they are. Sniffer determines that they're a psychoactive drug used to severely alter a person's mental state.

Viktor determines that the reporter they previously questioned in in fact the killer. He would sneak out through the window of his editing room which is how he would create an alibi to cover his track. He has been killing people because the Professor was the reason he became a celebrity. But after that, his fame faded and now he decided to start up the murders in the style of the Professor in order to re-start his fame as a journalist.

But what Viktor and Sniffer don't realise is that the reporter is in a bus being filmed while tied up and having been beaten into admitting that he's not the Professor, merely a fraud. The man is missing a ring finger and after the video is filmed he also removes the reporter's finger. The following morning the journalist is found dead in the van where he was killed.

Viktor determines that one of the Professor's victim's father was lying about his identity and had actually served in the military as an officer.

Sniffer returns to the place where he had awoken from his trance and is taken captive by the prison doctor and the armed men that serve him.

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