The Sniffer S02E08 "Episode 8" Recap

Sniffer wakes from having passed out in the clutches of his captors. They reveal that they work as a vigilante justice group and now want Sniffer to join their organisation. After Sniffer has been briefed on everything, the leader sprays him with a mysterious chemical that causes him to be knocked out. Sniffer wakes in his car and finds an injection mark on one of his arms. Sniffer returns to the department shares how the leader of this secret group is a wanted man they've been searching for but were unable to do so due to his being so elusive and having undergone a significant amount of plastic surgery. Sniffer calls the man to set up a meet but Viktor orders him to stay behind and undergo a blood test while he and some other officers will rest the prison doctor that was once a military operative. He comes in willingly and quietly.

When questioned, he spins a tale of lies and claims Sniffer attacked him and suffers from delusions and paranoia. Viktor's trust in Sniffer has already been shaken due to Sniffer's propensity for keeping secrets and the situation is only worsened when Sniffer jumps across the table and tackles the suspect. Viktor and Sniffer later have an argument over all the secrets and mistrust that has escalated in their relationship. Viktor informs Sniffer he has been temporarily dismissed until the investigation is over. Sniffer declares he will solve the case without him but is later arrested and put in a holding cell.

Later, Sniffer brings Viktor and some other officers to the pier where he had previously encountered the Doctor and his men. He takes one of the officer's guns and seemingly shoots Viktor multiple times in the chest before escaping into a boat with some of the vigilantes. As the boat drives off, Sniffer throws his gun into the water.

The nurse from the psychiatric facility finds Yulia's number and implores her to come save Tatyana from being transferred to a box where she will be little more than a mindless zombie sex object to be used by the doctor. The nurse says that this is an ongoing pattern of his. Yulia is dismissive at first but she decides to snap at her anger management course and decides to go get Tatyana.

Sniffer learns the the vigilante organisation intends to give him significant plastic surgery so he can change his identity and remain hidden from those that would search for him.

Later, the vigilante group's base is raided by law enforcement officers including Viktor, whose death was faked as part of a larger scheme that he and Sniffer were in on from the very beginning in order to finally bring these men in. In the commotion, the Doctor's daughter dies and he kills himself immediately thereafter.

When Sniffer returns to his apartment, he finds Tatyana is there waiting for him while unbeknownst to him, Yulia is attempting suicide in her apartment bathtub.

The Sniffer is available for streaming on Netflix.


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