Marvel's Luke Cage S02E07 "On and On" Recap

Luke's paralysis wears off just in time so he is ablate swim back to the surface and survive his encounter with Bushmaster. He returns to the church only to find that Piranha is missing.

Ridenhour visiting Misty and tries to convince her to return to the station and take her job back. He also shares that he has a secret informant that is reporting back on what Mariah is up to. But Misty doesn't accept the offer, opting instead to work with Luke to find where Piranha has disappeared to.

Mariah has determined that Ridenhour has someone reporting back to him and begins to terrorize her men in an effort to find who it is. But Shades reassures her, aiming to keep her grounded and smart about the moves she makes.

Bushmaster is revealed to have been the one to take Piranha captive. He forces Piranha to take all of Mariah's money and other assets, after which he kills Piranha. Luke and Misty find the body some time afterward.

Ridenhour meets with Comanche who is starting to crack and unravel under the pressures of acting as a secret informant against Mariah. What he doesn't know is that Shades has followed him to this meeting. Although Comanche kills Ridehour, Shades retaliates against his betrayal by shooting him too and arranging the scene to seem as if Ridenhour was the one to kill him.

Mariah discovers that Bushmaster has stolen all her resources so she tries to go into hiding with her daughter Tilda, but the pair are caught by Bushmaster himself who leaves them to die in a burning house. All of the moves he has been making against them has been from a place of seeking vengeance for the death of his mother, who was burned alive by the Stokes family. Bushmaster declares the Stokes family's nightclub Harlem's Paradise as his own, while Luke manages to save Mariah and Tilda just in time.

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Marvel's Luke Cage S02E06 "The Basement" Recap

Luke continues to fight off the men attacking him in search of Piranha, whom Luke reluctantly continues to protect despite his misbehavior during the party. But after fighting off the men he considers taking Piranha to the police despite his offers to pay Luke as a "hero for hire." The pair have a conversation about their respective fathers, after which Luke decides to take Piranha to Lucas's church to stay hidden and protected.

Mariah is still in police custody after the discovery of heads of three murdered victims were discovered at her center. She is questioned but refuses to cooperate despite her shared history with Ridenhour.

Shades and Comanche continue to search for Piranha but are unable to locate him or Luke. While on their journey, they reminisce about their time spent together in prison. Comanche tells Shade that he should get rid of Mariah and claim Harlem for himself, as the new supreme criminal overlord.

Misty confesses to Ridenhour about her considering framing Cockroach before he was murdered but he doesn't discipline her. AS she is still wracked with guilt, she decides to resign from her job.

Shades is reunited with Mariah after she gets out of holding. He tells her about the intel he has gathered from following Bushmaster to the restaurant where his friends work. She forms plans of what they will do to Bushmaster's acquaintances after they have found Piranha, whom they need because he has control over their money.

Luke decides to call Bushmaster directly and arranges a meeting so they can fight, which is something that Bushmaster wants. When they meet and fight, they both exchange serious blows but the confrontation ends with Luke getting paralysed by a holistic substance Bushmaster has concocted. He then kicks Luke into a river and leaves him to drown.

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Marvel's Luke Cage S02E05 "All Souled Out" Recap

Cockroach sues Luke for assaulting him. Foggy works as Luke's lawyer and tells him that it's too risky for him to go to court because of how easy the prosecution will be able to make him look bad because of his physical invulnerability and the fact that he once served time in prison, regardless of being exonerated. Luke has to either pay Cockroach $100,000 or have the case go to court. Luke has 72 hours to decide and eventually opts to pay the money though he struggles initially to find a source of income.

Mariah uses her new "legitimate" fortune top open a Family First center in Harlem. Before revealing it to the press and public, she shows it to her daughter Tilda, in the hopes that they will run it together. Tilda is weary of it due to their family fortune coming from one of their female ancestors trafficking and exploiting women but Mariah tells her off, saying that jazz was also founded on the same shady foundation.

Misty gets hew new robotic arm installed, courtesy of Colleen Wing and Danny Rand. It's a gradual process for the technology to learn and connect to her nerve endings.

Shades becomes alarmed by Bushmaster's threat against Mariah as well as the fact that his employee Ray Ray has gone missing. He wants Mariah to leave town for her own safety but she is determined to stay for the opening of her new Family First center. Shades wants to buy Mariah's club from her since it is the last thing that connects her to the crime life but she rejects his offer, for the time being. Shades plans on going to a party being thrown by Raymond "Piranha" Jones' party that he's throwing. Mariah also tells Shades about the police questioning her about Mike Higgins, who has gone missing. Piranha had used his money from Mariah's sale to invest in Higgins' plastics company. Mariah had blackmailed Higgins into agreeing to a corporate merge that increased the profits of her new shares significantly and disappeared after.

Misty visits Cockroach to try to threaten him into dropping the lawsuit against Luke but opts to not use her strength or resources against him, out of concerns of worsening the situation.

Foggy gets Luke a job to make an appearance at Piranha's party so that he can use the money to pay off Cockroach. Piranha is a big fan of Luke Cage, and even has a wall of memorabilia on his office wall. Luke finds the memorabilia to be creepy but is willing to take the job because of his limited options to make so much money that quickly.

Shades orders Comanche to find Ray Ray.

Misty contemplates over Cockroach's previous release and whether it's possible that Scarfe had planted the gun that sent him to prison. Misty is wracked with guilt over the possibility that innocent men were sent to prison while she was partnered with Scarfe but she is advised to just keep working and to put forth true justice.

Foggy accompanies Luke to Piranha's party where Ghostface Killah is performing. Luke is uncomfortable with being gawked at like a zoo animal or museum exhibit. But he deals with the situation as best he can in order to get his paycheck.

Misty visits Cockroach's girlfriend who is seeking medical help for yet another beating she received from him. Misty implores her to think of both her and her child's well-being but Cockroach's girlfriend makes it clear that the reason why she's not talking isn't just because she's afraid of him but that she doesn't trust the police's competence to put him away and keep him behind bars since he already got out once.

Tilda tells Mariah she won't be coming to the opening of the center because she witnessed Mariah lying to the police. She tells Mariah to tell her the whole truth or else she will end their reconciliation. She shares how she blackmailed Higgins into taking the plastics deal which Mariah then used to fund the center. Tilda leaves to contemplate what she has learned about her mother and their family history.

Luke saves Piranha from an attempted kidnapping by some of Piranha's men that have infiltrated the party.

Misty considers framing Cockroach in order to put him away again, for good. However, when she gets to his apartment she discovers his beheaded body. His severed head is discovered at the opening of Mariah's Family First center, along with the heads of Higgins and Ray Ray.

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Marvel's Luke Cage S02E04 "I Get Physical" Recap

Bushmaster allows himself to be filmed fighting Luke and knocking him unconscious, after which the footage goes viral online. Luke learns the man is named Bushmaster after he wakes and is informed by the crowd, since Bushmaster had introduced himself before walking off. The police detectives also see the footage and Misty scolds the others when they don't take the assault seriously. Mariah and Shades are having a meeting with buyers when one of their henchmen comes in to show them the footage of Luke being knocked unconscious.

Shades becomes concerned that Bushmaster is only trying to buy up their gun business to weaken Mariah. He suspects that Bushmaster is in Harlem for far more than just Luke Cage. He implores Mariah to let him in to whatever deeper secrets or history she has with Bushmaster and she claims there isn't any baggage involving her.

Luke is saddened by Claire moving out, a situation that is only worsened by the landlord being unwilling to let him continue living there without Claire since Luke was never on the apartment lease. But he channels his focus into investigating the Jamaicans and teaming up with Misty Knight to revisit the location where he had fought the gang members. Upon getting inside they discover Garrison's headless body and consequently call for back-up.

Once Johnson recognises Bushmaster from the fight footage with Luke, she begins her own investigation based on the ingredients he purchased from her in an effort to determine what he is up to.

Misty's investigation leads her to the owner of the building where Garrison's body was discovered. She learns that the man grew up with Bushmaster, who wants to right what he believes were injustices against his parents.

Luke follows the leads from the evidence at the warehouse and ends up at Johnson's shop. She gives him medicine which he can use to help with his concussion from fighting Bushmaster.

Bushmaster visits Mariah at her club and informs that each other their ancestors were once in business with one another. He makes cryptic threats against her but nothing significant enough for her to retaliate right away. Shades follows Bushmaster back to a restaurant run by acquaintances of his whom he gifts with some money. While watching Bushmaster Shades tries to call his friend, Darius "Comanche" Jones, who hasn't been getting along with Mariah recently. However, Comanche doesn't answer the call because he's secretly reporting to Ridenhour, whom he is being forced to feed information to.

Misty gets an open-ended invitation to join Danny and Colleen in a secret organisation to fight crime, with the added incentive of building her a powerful new arm to further enhance her fighting abilities.

Luke's friend Bobby Fish leaves for San Diego in order to be an organ donor to his sick daughter in need of a new kidney. Before Bobby leaves, he advises Luke to reach out to Claire and fix things between them. Finally, Luke is served by a process server.

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Marvel's Luke Cage S02E03 "Wig Out" Recap

Luke learns that Cockroach has ben severely beating his partner and son, so he goes to his apartment and beat him up himself. He calls Claire to give medical treatment to everyone present, but she is also horrified at Luke's brutality. Claire calls Misty to the scene, and she has Luke walk her through what happened. She scolds Luke for his actions, pointing out that other law enforcement officers are determined to put a stop to his vigilante brand of heroism and stunts like these don't help his cause. Misty allows him to leave the scene quickly before her rival detective Nadi Tyler and Tyler's partner Mark Bailey arrive.

Mariah has dinner with her daughter Tilda as the two begin to mend their relationship. But while the pair are having dinner, Shades arrives with news for Mariah. Luke Cage got to Cockroach, who's ben hospitalized. Now the Yardies are the only ones left to buy Mariah's business.

Misty is reprimanded by her superior for allowing Luke to leave after he injured Cockroach. However, she is also told that she can't be suspended for it because she has high status in the department due to being a hero that lost her arm on the job. Misty then approaches Colleen Wing and the two practice fighting and training so Misty can learn how to re-develop these skills with only one arm but also to let off some steam for all the stress she has been under. After the training session, the pair go out to a bar but a man tries to attack Misty after his failed attempts to hit on them. Misty fights most of them off with Colleen providing a bit of back-up, leaving Misty to get more of her confidence back.

Shades goes off in search of Garrison and finds Bushmaster instead, who agrees to pay Mariah to buy up her business. But Luke later arrives in search of Garrison and fights off numerous gang members and the various weapons they attempt and fail to use against him. Unbeknownst to Luke, Bushmaster secretly films this encounter and plays it while he trains.

Claire secretly meets with Lucas to seek guidance about how to best help Luke. But when she later confronts him about this topic he lashes out at her and she asks him to leave, putting their relationship on hold for the time being. While Luke is out walking the streets after this fight, he runs into Bushmaster, who punches him in the face and tells Luke that Harlem belongs to him.

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Preacher S03E06 "Les Enfants du Sang" Recap

Following Eugene's return to earth after his extended stay in hell, he learns of Annville's destruction both in regards to the city itself as well as the residents of it. Being that he is still underage, he is sent to an orphanage but is quickly found by the Saint of Killers. The Saint takes him away, intending to send him back to hell after they make one more stop.

As Cassidy gets to know the cult that has snatched him up, the Children of Blood, he meets the leader of the group. Eccarius is a real vampire and proves as much when he swallows a large animal whole. He has more supernatural powers than Cassidy, who is left in a precarious position of not knowing how best to make his escape.

Jesse scrambles to try to find a way to save Tulip's life, as it is connected to his ailing grandmother. One of Madame Boyd's associates spies on them as they pretend to bury Tulip's body, and reports back to her that grandma and Tulip are dead (not knowing they're still alive). Jesse and Tulip work together to rob a bank that holds Madame Boyd's storage in a security deposit box. Inside is a supply of souls.

Eccarius is shown to be feeding on the blood of his human disciples and reveals to Cassidy that he wants him to join him as a companion. Cassidy is disgusted by Eccarius' ways and leaves the cult's compound. He and Tulip talk on the phone and she encourages him to stay strong until she and Jesse can escape and they can all be reunited to go on adventures together again. But Cassidy turns her down, likely not wanting to put himself through the pain of being around a woman he loves that doesn't reciprocate his feelings, and tells her he has no intention of reuniting with them. After this, he decides to return to Eccarius and his cult so he won't have to be alone.

All of the souls from Madame Boy's box are fed to Grandma but it isn't quite enough. Jody opts to kidnap Madame Boyd herself and Grandma consumes her soul too. After this Jesse shoots her in the head to prevent her from having to live life without a soul, particularly since she would've been sent to fight in the Tombs. Jesse assures his grandmother he will pay off his debt to her and decides to call the Grail.

Herr Starr is getting set up in his New Orleans office when he receives a surprise visit from the Allfather, who shares plans that are to destroy the world via a nuclear apocalypse. This is all intended to be a preparation for the second coming of the Messiah. Finally, he expresses a desire to discuss Jesse Custer.

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Marvel's Luke Cage S02E02 "Straighten It Out" Recap

Claire ponders that the bath Luke took to heal his wounds has only increased his indestructibility. She suggests that they test this theory. Luke ends up attending an athletic showcase to help raise money for kids in need and shows his strength and athletic ability while a crowd of locals cheers him on. A representative from Nike even approaches him hoping to sign Luke to a sponsorship deal with the company. Claire becomes worried that there could be something worse out there than a Judas bullet that could harm Luke, and this time she won't be able to help him. He assures her she has nothing to worry about but she doesn't seem entirely convinced.

Bushmaster is shown to be pulling bullets out of his chest. They injure him somewhat to the point that he has minor flesh wounds but they don't fully penetrate his skin. Bushmaster sees a video of Luke Cage and decides that he will be the one to test Luke Cage. He then visits holistic doctor Tilda Johnson in search of ingredients he needs to do alterations on the plant nightshade, which he has been using to heal his wounds and increase his strength.

Claire pushes Luke to make amends with his father James Lucas, as she had also been estranged from her own father but he died before she could make amends and she has regretted is ever since.

Detective Knight struggles to adjust to being back on the force as she is being kept on "light duty" and some officers are uncomfortable with her being around, particularly because of her amputation. She struggles to pursue the leads she finds related to the Judas bullet and taking Mariah down. She calls Luke to tell him that Mariah's go-to lawyer Ben Donovan has sprung Arturo Rey from police custody. Her leads help direct him to Cockroach, whom he plans to go after next once he can find him.

The holistic doctor Tilda Johnson is revealed to be Mariah's estranged daughter. Mariah is advises by her political advisor to make amends with Tilda because of the boost it would give her to public opinion. Mariah is making many moves to improve her image, including selling her gun business. After arranging for El Rey to be released on bail, she sends Shades to complete the sale with him. But Shades ends up killing him instead after he refuses to follow through the deal and insulting Mariah.

Misty ends up going to the crime scene of El Rey's death and envisions what must have happened for him to have been murdered, and then tells Luke about the crime scene. There's no evidence that's been left to incriminate Mariah, even though Misty rightfully believes that Mariah was involved in El Rey's death.

Mariah is furious to learn that Shades has killed El Rey before the deal could be finalized but Shades assures her that he was about to snitch on them to Misty Knight, and that he will find another way to get their money.

Luke tracks down Cockroach and confronts him at a club. But Cockroach reveals a close-range, high-power gun which he uses to shoot Luke out of a window and actually cause him a bit of injury. Luke returns home where Claire is shaken by Luke's injuries and Luke's continued refusal to make amends with his father.

Finally, Tilda agrees to give her relationship with Mariah another chance despite earlier reluctance to do so.

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Wynonna Earp S03E02 "When You Call My Name" Recap

When last we saw Wynonna and Waverly they had gotten into a bad car crash. Waverly was dragged out of the truck by an unknown figure, while Wynonna was thrown from the truck and over the edge of a deep ledge. Wynonna wakes and hallucinates Mama, something she replies is a sign that she is going into shock. But Wynonna uses the nagging voice as a source of motivation to pop her arm back into her socket and climb up the steep ledge. Once Wynonna gets to the top and returns to the truck she is alarmed to find Waverly missing and is determined to find her, regardless of her mother-hallucination telling her to think of herself since she can't help anyone if she doesn't help herself first.

Waverly wakes in captivity of a man that is not only a revenant, but one that caused the accident on purpose for the sole incentive of kidnapping her. He has taken up residence in the woods but since the environment hasn't been faring well, with fewer options of vegetation and animals available for him to feed on, he's transitioned into eating people. Waverly is the second girl he has kidnapped, with the first victim's body parts still strewn about his cabin.

Dolls is working with Nicole and Jeremy on the investigation into the Cult of Bulshar. Jeremy uses forensic analysis to determine that the victims died within seconds of one another, indicating that the killer is a demon with the ability to move extremely quickly.

The demon that captured Waverly is also able to steal voices and does so to Waverly. He uses her voice to take her calls and tell her loved ones that she's okay.

Dolls visits Doc at the bar and learns that the reason he's been so out of it lately is because he was killed in the alternate reality conjured by the Iron Witch, after which he went to Hell. He doesn't want to believe that this will be his fate once his now mortal life ends. Doc assures him that there is still time for him to do more good and change his fate, but Doc doesn't have much faith that any of the good he does will change his fate.

After Dolls leaves, Jeremy attempts to get to the lab in the basement of the bar and Doc determines that there is something wrong with Dolls' demon-suppressing drugs.

Nicole goes searching for Waverly, intending to search at the Earp home but on the way gets pulled over by a man who tells her about Wynonna's crashed truck. Nicole calls Doc to help search for the sisters. Doc tells Jeremy to call Dolls and have him meet them in the woods.

Wynonna finds the cabin and despite Waverly being mute, is able to be directed by her to reach her without getting caught in the revenant's booby traps. Despite Wynonna reaching the cage, they can't break the lock. Waverly confronts her about the truth about their mother and Wynonna explains that Waverly was so young at the time that Wynonna didn't want to burden her at the time.

Wynonna leaves the cabin in order to find the revenant and taunts him into coming out, even mentioning Bulshar. At the mention of this powerful demon, the revenant becomes afraid and Wynonna is able to kill him. Waverly's voice is restored and the sisters are reunited with Doc and Nicole. Bulshar watches them from a distance. Dolls shows up late, since Jeremy hadn't called him due to his concerns that Dolls had become unstable with his demon side. But of course Dolls had found out and left to help them anyway.

Waverly asks Wynonna how long she knew about their mother and Wynonna admits to having always known. Waverly is devastate that she was kept away from their mother for all these years, despite Wynonna insisting that their mother was the one that didn't want Waverly to know where she was. Waverly asks Dolls to take her home but he becomes distracted by his need for another injection.

Waverly is helping Nicole repel down the ledge to retrieve Peacemaker where Wynonna had dropped it. The fast-moving demon the group was hunting appears and cuts Nicole's rope. He begins to quickly appear and disappear while Doc attempts to capture him. Wynonna grabs the end of the rope to keep Nicole from falling to her death. Nicole struggles to reach Peacemaker while Wynonna struggles to hold the rope. Jeremy manages to radio in and tells Waverly that Dolls is unstable. Dolls eventually unleashes a fiery breath that incinerates the speedy revenant, after which Bulshar slow-claps the team for winning this battle.

Nicole gets back up the ledge and returns Peacemaker to Wynonna who is unable to shoot Bulshar before he disappears. But devastation penetrates the group as they discover that Dolls has collapsed and isn't breathing. No matter what they do, he won't wake. Wynonna is unable to fathom that Dolls is dead but her mother-hallucination returns which together with Waverly encourages her to let Dolls go.

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Max Barskih Releases "Полураздета" on Film Soundtrack

Max Barskih released his latest single "Полураздета" which is set to be on the original soundtrack for the film "Секс и ничего личного". The music video, like all of Max's videos, is directed by Alan Badoev. There is a seamless incorporation of clips from the film, as the colour design is such that it matches what has been chosen from the film itself. The melodic composition is warm and matches the visuals presented, and the production is catchy and clubby enough to be well-suited to the summer season.

Watch Max Barskih's "Полураздета" music video here:


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E09 "Back Breaker" Recap

Tyrone and his parents are called into the police station where they are officially told that Connors has been arrested and suspended on suspicion of being Billy's killers but they don't display much of a reaction due to how drained they are after all the years of not having justice for Billy's death. Tyrone is upset that they don't have more of a reaction but Tyrone's father merely tells him they will talk about it later.

Tandy begins spiraling due to the revelation of her father being abusive. She begins working on her old businesses of robbing from wealthy marks. But this time she's not stealing monetary items, but their hopes instead. Stealing a person's hopes gives her a high.

Evita becomes concerned when her Aunt Chantelle returns home after wandering around drunk. Her aunt implores her to ask Tyrone if he has met the other half of his Divine Pairing, as she believes that they will need to be ready to stop a great threat coming (Roxxon's upcoming drilling).

Tyrone begins lashing out at school, getting into a fight with one of his classmates. When Father Delgado tries to talk to Tyrone to figure out how to get Tyrone back on track, Tyrone is able to get into his head. Father Delgado suffers from alcoholism and is afraid of this addiction leading to the death of a child, or possible already has harmed a children - the vision isn't clear enough to tell whether Tyrone is only seeing fear or if it's also a memory.

Tandy also begins to lash out, and even steals hope from Mina, who has been reconnecting to her father and even offers Tandy a job at Roxxon. She is reunited with Liam at the station, who is still hurt by Tandy abandoning him. She is prepared to steal hope from him too, but Tyrone stops her from doing so.

O'Reilly is also spiraling as she hasn't been able to get justice for the murdered Fuchs. She attacks Connors at a bar but he beats her viciously while their colleagues watch and do nothing to intervene.

Tandy goes to Tyrone's school to confront him for interfering with her attempts to steal hope but Evita intervenes to defend him. Tandy gets into her head but Evita pushes her out before she can steal her hopes too. Evita is able to determine that Tandy is the other half the Divine Pairing. Tandy tells Tyrone to steal out of her head but Tyrone says that he has no interest in being in hers at all since he is so wrapped up in his own family's traumas.

Mina discovers an energy leak and witnesses it explode out of a pipe and infect some Roxxon workers that chase after her in the woods.

When Tyrone gets home, his mother Adina expresses concerns over what she sees as recklessness on his part in trying to get justice for his brother. She reminds him of the racial inequalities that allow white men to get away with killing black people and assures him she only wants to protect him. The police then arrive, intent on arresting Tyrone who has been framed for Fuchs' murder. Adina instructs him to run away and sneak out before he can be caught.

Tandy learns that Liam has stolen all the money she received from Scarborough and is then confronted by Greg's killer, who holds Tandy's mother Melissa at gunpoint.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


Marvel's Luke Cage S02E01 "Soul Brother #1" Recap

Luke Cage has quickly become a celebrity in Harlem for the heroic acts her performs to better the city and for being bulletproof. At night he tracks down drug dealers that are selling products named after him.

Luke's friend D.W. Griffith is trying to help Luke earn money by selling merchandise and by capitalizing on app that has ben put on the market that tracks Luke's whereabouts. Although Luke isn't motivated by money, the rent has doubled and he needs to pay his bills.

Misty Knight is recovering from the loss of her arm and going through various forms of rehabilitation therapy so she can adjust to how to function without it. Claire has also been helping her with the physical therapy. Misty doesn't plan on returning to the police force until she learns that around 30 of the criminals she had helped send to prison are being released because of the former partner Rafael Scarfe being a crooked cop.

Luke is enjoying his relationship with Claire, while Mariah and Shades are doing the same. The latter are approached by Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton who is one of the criminals Misty had put away while she was a cop. Dontrell wants to buy Mariah Dillard's criminal empire in collusion with drug smuggler Arturo "El Rey" Gomez III and Jamaican gang leader Nigel Garrison.

Luke heads to Mariah's club to try to to confront her about her criminal activities but leaves when she makes thinly veiled threats against Claire.

Griffith tips Luke off to a lead, specifically that El Rey is the one leading the "Luke Cage" drug cartel. Luke heads off to confront him and manages to take him captive before turning him over to Misty Knight's captain, Tom Ridenhour.

Finally, Garrison is murdered by John "Bushmaster" McIver, who is able to survive being shot numerous times without being injured after having arrived from Jamaica with the intention of taking Harlem over from Mariah. Luke goes to visit Mariah and informs her that the Judas bullet El Rey tried to kill him with didn't injure him, and warns her that nothing can stop him from getting to her.

Marvel's Luke Cage is available for streaming on Netflix.


Castle Rock S01E03 "Local Color" Recap

A flashback reveals that a young Molly Strand snuck into the Deaver home after Matthew was found. He was hooked up to a breathing tube which she unplugged so he would die. Her motives aren't entirely clear until further flashbacks insinuate that Matthew was abusive towards Henry. Henry as a child is also shown to be burning a VHS tape while saying "Fuck you, dad."

As an adult, Molly is still haunted by the guilt of taking someone's life and has nightmares about it. She is reunited with Henry again and pretends to not remember him much, becoming quickly overwhelmed by the sound of extra voices due to her psychic abilities.

Molly becomes increasingly anxious while practicing for her upcoming television appearance so she drives off in search of the local drug dealer in the hopes of purchasing something to take the edge off. However, he is out of pills so he refers her to another location where there is another dealer named Derek she can ask to purchase from. When she tracks down Derek, he is acting out a courtroom case with children wearing masks. Derek brings her to a back room but before any drug deal can take place, police arrive and arrest both of them.

Molly has to spend the night in the holding cell at the police station. Henry bails her out and she admits that she remembers him and opens up about her psychic/empathetic abilities and that being around him has exasperated the situation. She is worried about how she'll be missing her scheduled TV appearance but Henry helps rush her to the TV station on time. However, upon getting to the TV station and on the live broadcast she becomes overwhelmed by Henry's thoughts and worried and instead of speaking about the real estate developments, she makes a speech about the injustice of the local prison wrongfully keeping a man imprisoned (in reference to The Kid, whom Henry is still struggling to get access to).

The warden of the prison sees the broadcast and finally relents, allowing Henry to visit and offering a plea deal which will give The Kid $300,000 and his freedom in exchange for his silence on the unfortunate incident of his imprisonment. Henry is able to speak with The Kid for the first time and asks after his well-being. Henry advises him to maintain his anonymity, as it's a strength to getting the best deal possible. Henry says that he'll be able to get him out of prison and then they'll file a civil lawsuit that will get him an even greater settlement amount. During the conversation, The Kid asks him whether "it has begun" and if Henry can "hear it" but their conversation is cut short before Henry can ask anything else about what The Kid means.

Castle Rock premieres new episodes on Wednesdays on Hulu.


Castle Rock S01E02 "Habeas Corpus" Recap

Dale narrate the episode opening, talking about how his younger brother killed himself when he was just a teenager. He also shares about the many other deaths in his family and how there's something wrong with Castle Rock that seems to bring out the worst in people and considerable darkness lies within. A flashback of him as a younger man show him driving to the prison and building the cage that would later hold The Kid. He speaks about asking God for answers and waiting for years for his instructions.

Henry visits Dale's wife Martha in the hopes of learning more about him and the identity of the mysterious inmate. She answers some of his questions but steps away to take a call from a neighbor who tells her that the man visiting her is black and upon realizing that he is Henry, she asks him to leave. However, Henry has already managed to look through Dale's desk for clues and found various items including a file of mysterious newspaper clippings and some calendar dates with quotes about being a jailer.

Henry visits the local church and meets the young pastor who answers his questions about Dale. The pastor is inspired that Henry works with death-row inmates and extends an open invitation to Henry to join the church's visits to the prison where they pray with the inmates who request a prayer-companion.

Molly Strand is the owner of a local real-estate agency in Castle Rock. She suffers from psychic abilities that cause excessive noises in her head from the people around her. She grew up across the street from Henry and seemed to have a bit of a crush or some type of other affection for him. She frequently indulges in drugs to try to drown out the noise that people call. Molly has lunch with her sister to say that she needs $40,000 from the equity on their parents' home in order to afford to appear on local television to talk about the developments she'll be doing in town. Her sisters says no but Molly says she has already filed the papers with her sister's forged signature.

The Kid is put into a cell with another inmate who is shown to be a skinhead with various tattoos indicating his bigoted philosophies. The Kid warns the other inmate not to touch him but it's implied that the inmate won't be respecting his request.

Henry leaves a note for Dennis at a local bar before heading home where he finds Alan digging up the body of a dead dog that Ruth believes might be alive again, as she is sundowning and having problems remembering the dog is truly dead.

In a flashback, a young Molly is shown to be visited by a police officer that is asking about where Henry is and whether he ever spoke about having any negative or hostile sentiments towards his father, as Matthew has just been found.

Dennis calls Henry to say he can't talk to him but is waiting outside for him in his car. He tells Henry about how The Kid has been put into solitary confinement. Henry needs to get proof that this inmate exists or else he won't be able to represent him. Dennis is panicking over the stress and the guilt of trying to help this inmate. Dennis doesn't want to work for the prison but there aren't any better job options in such a small town and he has a wife and child to take care of.

Henry is inspired to get into the prison with the church's prayer group and spots The Kid when he is let out for a few moments of sunshine. The Kid's former cellmate has died under mysterious circumstances involving multiple organ failure. Henry speaks briefly to The Kid through the fence and offers to be his lawyer, also snapping some photos of him with his phone before The Kid is rushed back inside.

In the woods, a dog digs up Dale's head that had fallen off when the rope yanked at it before the car drove off the cliff. Alan is shown to be reading a suicide note that Dale left him, before burning it with his lighter.

Castle Rock premieres new episodes on Wednesdays on Hulu.


Castle Rock S01E01 "Severance" Recap

Dale Lacy is the warden of Shawshank State Penitentiary. One morning he says goodbye to his blind wife Marth and drives to the woods where he drives off the side of a cliff with a rope tied around a tree with the other end in a noose around his neck.

A woman named Porter is brought in to replace Dale Lacy as warden. When she learns that her predecessor kept Block F unoccupied for a good thirty years, she sends some of the guards down to investigate, as it seems an ideal space to use for new prisoners that will eventually be brought in. A young prison guard named Dennis Zalewski discovers a tunnel which he goes down using a ladder, where he discovers a mysterious inmate being held in a cage. The man's prints don't match anyone in their records and there are no other ways to identify him. He doesn't speak for some time until he finally relents and says only a name - Henry Matthews Deaver.

Henry is a criminal law attorney in Texas who specialises in capital punishment cases. He grew up in Castle Rock where he had grown up adopted by Ruth and Reverend Matthew Deaver. Matthew had disappeared in the woods with Henry only to be found with his back broken and died three days later. Henry was also found later but with no memory of what happened in the woods and the town turned on him, believing him to have been his adoptive father's killer, possibly due to racist biases since Henry is African-American and his adoptive parents were white.

Henry returns to Castle Rock to visit his mother and learns that her dementia is worsening and she has begun dating Alan Pangborn, the former police officer that had found Henry when he went missing in the woods. Dennis secretly calls Henry to tell him about the new inmate that is asking for him, afraid that the man is not being given the rights he is owed. When Henry visits the prison, the new warden Porter pretends not to know what inmate Henry is talking about. On his way out of the prison, Henry spots Dennis working a shift and seemingly recognises but doesn't say anything to get his attention.

Dennis is working a late-night shift when he seemingly spots the new inmate, who has been named "The Kid", on the surveillance cameras walking around the hallways of the prison and many dead bodies throughout the prison. He sets off the alarm and many guards come running, one of which he almost shoots. But there are no bodies to be found and The Kid is still in his cell.

In a flashback to before Dale killed himself, he visits The Kid in his cage and tells him to ask for Henry Matthew Deaver after he is found.

Castle Rock premieres new episodes on Wednesdays on Hulu.


WB Unveils New "Shazam" Trailer at Comic Con

"Shazam" dropped it's first teaser trailer at Comic Con as part of the giant DCEU panel hosted by WB in Hall H. As this is the first large-scale introduction the Shazam character has had to the mainstream public, the trailer was designed to show some context to Shazam's origin story. Young Billy Batson is an orphan that moves into a new foster home and after defending one of his foster brothers from some bullies, meets an ancient wizard on the way home that bestows superpowers on him. With a simple utterance of the word "Shazam!" Billy is transformed into an adult superhero form (portrayed by Zachary Levi). With some understandably childish antics and jokes, being that the central characters are children themselves, this is sure to be the most light-hearted in tone of the DCEU films thus far. However, there were already numerous displays to tie this film in with its predecessor, including newspaper clippings about Superman and a batarang belong to Batman.

"Shazam" will be released in theaters on April 5, 2019.

Watch the full "SHAZAM!" trailer here:


WB Unveils New "Aquaman" Trailer at Comic Con

True to form, the biggest and most exciting debuts of Comic Con came on Saturday, this year from Warner Bros. and the DCEU. Three films were in attendance, Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman, the last of which had only been filming for two weeks and thus didn't have a trailer to premiere. But as Aquaman is set to be released first out of the three, and Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry has already debuted in prior DCEU films, it's no surprise that Jason Momoa was the biggest rockstar of the entire convention.

The new Aquaman trailer offers a deeper glimpse into Arthur Curry's origins, from his mixed-race, mixed-species (human/Atlantean) parentage, to the manifestation of his powers, and the conflict that will facilitate our hero's journey. Perhaps even more impressive are the stunning visual design and special effects which are highlighted. There's just enough to showcase how stunning the world-building is, but not so much that we feel spoiled on all the intricacies and nuances of who these characters are and how they will develop throughout this story.

Watch the "Aquaman" trailer here:


Preacher S03E05 "The Coffin" Recap

Tulip can't bring herself to shoot Jesse's grandmother dead in her sleep and decides to ask Jesse outright whether killing her is an option to get him free. But they can't discuss the matter at hand because T.C. and Jody discover that Cassidy is gone. They confront Jesse and Tulip and a full-on brawl breaks out between the foursome. Eventually Jesse and Tulip are overtaken, with Jesse being locked in a coffin which is then submerged in a pond.

Herr starr is overseeing the preparations for Humperdoo to be revealed to the public as Messiah. It's going about as well as expected. Though Herr Starr feels there is a long way to go, his box, the Allfather, orders Starr to hurry up and finish the preparations because the people need their Messiah. The only semi-impressive skill that the Humperdoo has developed is the ability to tap-dance. But Lara Featherstone approaches Starr to offer a suggestion on how to force Jesse into rejoining the Grail by using Cassidy.

Cassidy has made it to New Orleans where he attempts to set up a new life and meet other vampires. He meets a girl whom he believes is another vampire but just as the two are about to have sex she reveals herself to just be a human into vampire roleplaying with no idea that vampires actually exist. Jesse on the other hand, is struggling mentally to deal with being trapped in the coffin. His repeated banging on the coffin eventually causes a slow leak. Jesse also begins to hallucinate, delirious from the extensive stay in the coffin.

Tulip and Jesse both work to escape their captive states. While Jesse uses cigarettes to explode himself out of his coffin, Tulip has broken free from Jody's captivity. Grandma L'Angelle had intended to eat Tulip's soul in order to revive herself but Tulip attacks her first. Tulip demands that she free Jesse from the spell and strangles her to death when he refuses. However, Tulip falls dead afterwards because her life was linked to Grandma L'Angelle.

The Grail use a drunk Cassidy for a staged video which they intend to use to trick Jesse into believing Cassidy is begging to be rescued from their captivity. But their filming session is interrupted by an unknown attacker breaking into the home where they are working.

Jesse arrives just in time to resuscitate L'Angelle which in turn revives Tulip as well. Jesse tells Tulip how Madame Boyd had tricked her into killing L'Angelle because it would kill her too. But once T.C. shares that L'Angelle needs to consume a soul in order to properly recuperate, another fight breaks out.

Cassidy wakes and finds himself in the presence of the Children of Blood.

Preacher airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


"Magnum P.I." Pilot Review (Comic Con 2018)

Following the successful "Hawaii Five-0" reboot series, CBS has commissioned the same team to work on another beloved crime procedural, "Magnum P.I." This time Jay Hernandez will be tackling the titular role. Hernandez has worked steadily in Hollywood for roughly twenty years, with his most popular appearances being in films such as "Suicide Squad," the "Hostel" series, and "Bad Moms".

CBS sent "Magnum P.I." to Comic Con to promote ahead of its September 24 premiere. With a tight schedule of other media appearances, the cast and crew took time to attend a panel at which the pilot episode was screened in full. With noted 'Fast & Furious' franchise director Justin Lin directing the pilot it's no surprise that they managed to put together some terrifically exciting action sequences, including one that sees Hernandez jump out of a moving car, run up the top of a truck, and grab hold of the bottom of a helicopter before the other vehicles crash off the side of a cliff. It's the type of stunt one would expect more so from a major film than a weekly television procedural.

Get a first glimpse at "Magnum P.I." here:

As Hernandez's past work shows, most popularly in "Suicide Squad," he is more than capable of handling intensely dramatic and heavyweight content. It's too early to tell what direction or tone the writers will indulge in as the series progresses, but they would be wise to utilise an actor of Hernandez's calibre so as to strengthen the impact of "Magnum P.I." among the massive selection of ongoing procedural series on American network television. At this stage, it's too early to tell how much "Magnum P.I." will offer a series. Based on the pilot alone, it ticks all of the boxes one would hope for in a procedural, including a likable batch of characters with engaging chemistry, showcasing the methodology and world of how the weekly cases will be tackled, and glimpses of character and plot points that will be explored in further depth.

Watch the full Magnum P.I. Comic Con panel here:


MONATIK & Надя Дорофеева Release "Глубоко" Collaboration

MONATIK and Nadya Dorofeeva have brought their powerhouse names and artistic styles together to collaborate on one of Ukraine's biggest bangers of the year, "Глубоко". While MONATIK has quickly risen to become one of Ukraine's most popular and respected solo artists, Nadya is one half of the famed duo "Время и Стекло" which has had a prolific career over the course of this decade. "Глубоко" is a tremendously catchy song with pounding production, and a music video that showcases both artists' dance abilities while incorporating highly fashionable fashion and choreography all together on an artistically eye-catching setting.

Watch the "Глубоко" music video here:


Wynonna Earp S03E01 "Blood Red And Going Down" Recap

When last we saw Wynonna and the rest of her squad, they had defeated the Widows but now have the threat of their dead husband Clootie (now known as Bulshar) to deal with. Wynonna and Doc's baby was given up for adoption, and the now mortal Doc threw Bobo down the well where he himself had once been trapped. Wynonna also visited her mother... whom we never got to see in person (yet).

Four months later, Wynonna is coping as best as she can with the trauma of having and losing her baby. She's drunk on a mission to lure some demons out and it works. Pregnancy hasn't impeded her ability to shoot these demons dead. Plus she still has the team to help her out, with Dolls backing her up in the fight, Waverly and Nicole acting as sniper coverage from the roof, and Doc and Jeremy also providing support.

The following morning, a bus full of vampires arrives in search of the Ghost River triangle. They use some sort of magical ability to charm Sheriff Nedley into inviting them into town. These vampires are part of a group known as the Cult of Bulshar, whom Nicole identifies after they leave a bunch of dead bodies in a particular pattern. Black Badge has been tracking this group since the 1920s. But Waverly and Nicole are quickly charmed into the vampire's side by one of the members called Petra.

Wynonna and Doc have been on the outs since the baby came and went. The only time Doc is wiling to talk to her is when they're training, which Wynonna has been doing in excess. But Wynonna has bigger fish to fry, as she witnesses a man smear blood on a flyer in the club where she's investigating. Wynonna snatches up that flyer and bring it to her mother, who is now in prison. Mama isn't willing to say much but Wynonna forces her to open up by talking about the Cult of Bulshar. Mama admits that she hears a voice that speaks to her about Bulshar. But once Wynonna talks about her intention to end the Earp curse, Mama becomes panicked and walks off screaming to no one in particular that her daughters are off-limits.

Back at Doc's bar, a purple fog engulfs those inside, including Doc and Jeremy. While Jeremy quickly succumbs to the hex of being enchanted by the vampires, Doc is taken captive. Doc wakes tied up to a stripper pole and a vampire tells him that they want to turn him into one of them, since Doc Holliday is a legend. But first they need proof that he really is Doc Holliday. Once this vampire begins torturing, Doc determines that he knew this woman from when he was a human.

Wynonna returns home and finds a vampire in the barn, whom she kills. When she goes inside and Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy learn what she has done they knock her out, and deliver her to the other vampires in a coffin. The trio then attend a glamorous party where all the humans in attendance are set to either be eaten or turned.

Dolls breaks into the basement of the party venue and is able to free Wynonna from the coffin. He helps her to make a large supply of stakes to take on the vampires. Not only is Wynonna immune to the enchantment of the vampires, but Dolls also displays an ability to be unaffected as Petra had earlier cornered him and he was able to learn about the vampires' plan from her and then leave to rescue Wynonna. He brings a diagram with him from some old Black Badge files which he uses to build a super weapon with Wynonna that they can use to kill vampires, also learning from the file that killing a vampire frees all of the humans that vampire has glamoured.

The vampires are separating the humans into groups, with many set to be eaten. But right on cue, Wynonna barges in and quickly identifies which vampires have glamoured their friends and Dolls kills them. With the team back on track they are able to begin killing vampires. Nicole returns Peacemaker to Wynonna who begins shooting as many vampires as possible while the rest of the continues to stake the others.

Doc is still trapped in the vampire stripper bus but manages to get free from his restraints. Though he is reunited with the vampire who tortured him, Contessa, he doesn't have it in him to kill her and she runs away from themes, telling him to stay inside and safe. He chases after her with his gun but still ends up letting her go, as the two begin to talk in cryptic ramblings about their shared history. Doc then breaks into the party and kills one of the last vampires left who had been the one to glamour Jeremy. Dolls then picks out one remaining vampire that had been hiding in a corner. The only thing he will say is that Bulshar has returned to finish what he started over a century ago. Wynonna opts to leave the vampire alive, who pleads with her to not leave him alive since he can't face Bulshar without any human tributes to give to him. Later the vampire is punished by Bulshar for his failures though it's unclear as to what has happened to him since the only thing that's shown is a mysterious item being forced into his mouth.

Wynonna visits Doc at his bar the following morning, where they toast their latest success in battle and still being alive. Doc kisses her after they take their shots.

Dolls visits Nicole at the club crime scene, where she is shaken up by the recent events and reveals that she believes she was a survivor of one the of the Cult's massacres.

Meanwhile, Wynonna drives Waverly home and reveals to her that their mother is in prison. Their father had told Wynonna to keep this secret from Waverly. But the matter can't be discussed any further since the truck crashes and flips over. Anunknown figure pulls Waverly out of the truck, who screams that Wynona is still inside.

Wynonna Earp airs on Fridays on Syfy at 9/8c.


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E08 "Ghost Stories" Recap

Tandy visit Ivan, who is getting back on track after waking from his long catatonic state. Ivan shares how Nathan had hid away some evidence to clear their names in a secret safety deposit box. Ivan warns Tandy that Roxxon can be dangerous and he doesn't want his daughter or Tandy to be in danger.

The eight-year anniversary arrives of the rig explosion. Tandy visits her mother, expressing a desire to set aside time to remember Nathan together for the occasion. But first Tandy has her own mission to complete about infiltrating Roxxon to find her father's file. To start things off she visits Tyrone, who is remembering the death of Billy with his parents. They are all struggling to deal with the surge of emotions surrounding the tragedy. Before leaving, Tandy invites Tyrone to visit her and her mother later when they'll be remembering her father.

Secretly, Tandy has stolen Adina's access card which she uses to get into Roxxon. As for Tyrone, he is visited by O'Reilly, who warns him that Connors is hunting for him based on their past encounters and a composite sketch.

Tandy gets into Roxxon and retrieves Nathan's evidence, which she then uses to confront Scarborough, threatening him with exposure. He attempts to bribe her in exchange for the evidence but she rejects his offer, wanting to use it to legitimately clear her father's name.

Tyrone finishes his work on Billy's cloak, which he is able to use to get a better control over his powers. He orchestrates a plan with O'Reilly in which Tyrone uses the cloak and his powers to 'haunt' Connors in disguise as Billy's ghost. This escalates until Connors confesses to murdering Billy out loud, which allows O'Reilly to arrest him with the help of her boyfriend and fellow officer Fuchs.

Tyrone joins Tandy and Melissa for their memorial for Nathan, following the success of their respective missions. When the trio come together to hold hands, Tandy and Tyrone are able to enter Melissa's memories in which they discover that Nathan was abusive to her. Tandy is devastated by this revelation, and in turn decides to accept Scarborough's bribe and give up the evidence.

O'Reilly intends to further celebrate Connors' arrest by visiting Fuchs, but instead discovers his dead body shoved into a fridge.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


DC Universe, Netflix, Amazon, and FX Bring Outdoor Displays to Comic Con

True to form of the ever-expanding scale of San Diego Comic Con, numerous TV networks and streaming platforms brought their own (interactive) exhibits for various portions of downtown San Diego, largely in the areas surrounding the convention center itself. Comedy Central put together an exhibit largely focusing on their long-running series, "South Park", which is set to being airing it's 22nd season later this year.

In the latest wave of original programming, Amazon Prime is set to adapt a TV series in the Jack Ryan franchise. John Krasinski will be starring in the titular role, following in the footsteps of other big-name actors including Ben Affleck and Chris Pine.

Their outdoor display spanned more than one block, and even included an impressive giant model helicopter to play into the spy/action theme of the franchise.

Anyone care to spoil what this giant arachnoid display atop a subway stop was promoting?

AMC frequently sets up a prime, central spot to promote their long-running fan-favourite series, "The Walking Dead", and 2018 was no exception.

DC Universe is also expanding it's power and presence, with their highly anticipated "Titans" series set to premiere some time later this year.

Netflix booked a massive display right on the main street to promote an animated fantasy sitcom called "Disenchantment" which will be premiering on August 17 and was created by Matt Groening (who is best known for creating "The Simpsons" and "Futurama".

NBC brought one of the more unique displays, with a full house constructed in order to promote their hit fantasy-comedy television series "The Good Place" which will premiere its third season on September 27.

Despite already having been released months prior, Warner Bros. set up a display to promote the Rampage film (based on the video game), which starred Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and follows a recent upspike in Hollywood's preference for adapting kaiju content for big blockbusters.

FX brought displays to promote some of their series including animated spy-comedy "Archer" and "Legion" which have both been renewed for new seasons that will air in 2019.

Following the success of the 2014 series "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" (which was a follow-up to the 1980 television series "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage"), FOX has announced another season titled "Cosmos: Possible Worlds" which will air in 2019 on Fox and National Geographic channels.


MÉLOVIN Opens Up About Music and Artistry

Ukrainian artist MÉLOVIN is riding high on the wave of international interest in his career due to his participation in the Eurovision song contest. Despite only placing seventeenth in the finals, his performance videos boast an impressive amount of views, and the televotes he received in the finals were in the top 10 of highest received.

Following his time in Lisbon, MÉLOVIN embarked on a multi-city tour across his home country, Ukraine, and expresses a wish to expand his touring throughout Europe. Despite not knowing as much English, he is adamant that it's his preferred language to write in. The majority of his songs, particularly the recent ones, have been released in English. As he is from Odessa, a city further East in Ukraine, MÉLOVIN tends to use more Russian in his day-to-day conversations and media. However, he expresses an interest in improving his Ukrainian as well, and even released a song in Ukrainian on his last EP.

MÉLOVIN got his start in theatre school, where he mostly studied acting with less of a focus on music, though this where he first learned to play the piano. After winning the sixth season of Ukrainian X-Factor, he was under a great deal of control by various music industry executives. These dissatisfying circumstances lead to him breaking away from the more mainstream methods and sticking to his own tight-knit community of management/promotion, a team that has been dubbed "Big House MÉLOVIN".

We sat down to speak with MÉLOVIN before his Kyiv concert, the kick-off to his Ukrainian tour. In observing his demeanour during post-production as well as the reaction from his most avid fans, we're pleased to have brought something different to his promotional content. As a Ukrainian artist, and particularly as one that has participated in Eurovision, MÉLOVIN has received a significant amount of questions from both Ukrainian and international media regarding the ongoing political conflict between Ukraine and Russia (which conveniently ignores the fact that plenty of creatives from each country's industries both professionally collaborate with another and forge meaningful interpersonal relationships). We don't adhere to the philosophy many media outlets like to utilise -- such as exploiting controversial topics or relationship gossip for clickbait. If you give a creative public figure a comfortable environment to speak freely about themselves and their work, they will give you plenty of interesting information. It also helps if you show up prepared and having done a sufficient amount of research beforehand.

Watch our full interview with MÉLOVIN here:


Artem Pivovarov Releases "Провинциальный" With Short-Film Music Video

Artem Pivovarov is arguably one of the most exciting performers in the Ukrainian music industry. With a seemingly endless supply of energy on stage, his signature moves include leaping from high places (and landing without injury), and generally bouncing around like a jumping bean. His sound borders on indie and mainstream, as he often borrows from various genres to make a sound all his own. Unsurprisingly, his music fully embraces the melancholic vibe that Eastern European music industries tend to favour. Most recently he has released a new single called "Провинциальный".

Watch the full "Провинциальный" music video here:

We had the opportunity to sit down with Artem before a club gig in Kyiv and got to learn a bit more about his musical origins, the creative process behind certain songs of his, whether he'd make music in English, and plenty more!

Watch our interview with Artem Pivovarov here:


Preacher S03E04 "The Tombs" Recap

The Saint of Killers is back in Hell. He is brought to Satan's office where the devil has one of his assistants whip the Saint as punishment for breaking out in the first place.

Tulip takes Madame Boyd hostage, intent on forcing her to reveal how to break Grandma L'Angelle's spell to free Jesse from it.

In a series of flashback, a teenage Jesse is shown to be working with T.C. in the Tombs where fights are being held. T.C. warns Jesse that he needs to keep his romances secret from his grandmother. Jesse is seeing Madame Boyd and the two are in love, but he cruelly lashes out and dumps her in an effort to protect her. Later on her brother comes to the Tombs to confront Jesse about hurting her brother, and Jesse accidentally kills him. Madame Boys still holds a grudge against him for breaking her heart twice.

In the present day, Cassidy wins the fight he is put in. But before he can be made to fight again, Jesse dismembers him and tries to ship him away in a parcel so he won't be trapped in a life of perpetual fighting. But after Jesse leaves, Cassidy escapes from his box before it can be shipped off.

Tulip learns about Madame Boyd's history with Jesse while driving her around.

Jesse addresses the crowd in the Tombs and claims that since Cassidy has 'escaped', God is missing so the Tombs will be closed again. But Cassidy emerges prepared to fight, and insists on his next fight being with Jesse. Tulip arrives right as Jesse stabs Cassidy to make him stop fighting. After the fight breaks up and the crowd leaves the Tombs, Jesse and Tulip reconcile. Tulip also meets up with Cassidy and puts him on a bus to New Orleans, telling him that she does not love him.

The following morning Tulip learns from Madame Boys, who she's kept in the trunk of her car, that she must kill Grandma L'Angelle to break the compact.

In Hell, Satan releases the Saint from his punishment and gives him an assignment to bring in two people alive that are threatening his expansion plans and his reward will be to kill any and all preachers he wants.

Preacher airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


LAUD: Ukraine's Rising Newcomer

LAUD first rose to prominence to the Ukrainian public when competing on The Voice Ukraine, where he finished fourth overall. Following this, he released his debut single "У Цю Ніч" and has continued to release songs in Ukrainian ever since.

His next competitive appearance came in Vidbir 2018 when he competed with a song in English, "Waiting". Despite heavy competition from other heavy-hitting talents in the Ukrainian music industry, LAUD managed to qualify to the finals of the competition, where he once again finished fourth.

LAUD draws from various soulful, jazzy influences to create a sound all his own, and despite having predominantly released songs in English admits he feels more comfortable writing songs in English. With the same manager as Vidbir/Eurovision-winning artist Jamala, the question remains as to whether LAUD will make another run in Vidbir... you'll have to watch our interview to find out his answer.

Watch our full interview with LAUD here:


Renaida Releases "Loco Notion" With Fiery, Eccentric Music Video

Renaida has followed up her hit Melodifestivalen-entry "All The Feels" with an even catchier, more infectious banger of a single, "Loco Notion." In shocking contrast to the usual lacklustre tendencies of the Swedish music industry with their negligence to proper marketing and visual presentation, Renaida has actually released a music video for this latest release. The video is bright, colourful, and whacky as heck, just like Renaida herself, in the best way possible. There's a bizarre doll/puppet, a flying car, lions roaring, and plenty of hair-whipping. What a treat!

Watch the "Loco Notion" music video here:


Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E07 "Lotus Eaters" Recap

Tandy recruits Tyrone to help her enter Ivan's mind in an effort to reach him and free him from his catatonic state. Upon getting inside, they discover he is living in a loop of the final moments leading up to the rig explosion. He is overjoyed to see them since they are something new to his loop, and that they  talk. He doesn't remember his name and seems surprised that they have any names. He also doesn't remember his daughter Mina.

Ivan doesn't have the initiative to try to break the loop but answers Tandy and Tyrone's questions about what transpires within the loop. He also has no sense of how long he has been in the loop. Ivan reveals that the other employees on the rig were infected by the mysterious energy that Roxxon was searching for. These employees take on the form of psychopathic killers in Ivan's mind.

Tandy is overcome with emotion upon learning that the phone ringing in each loop is her father calling Ivan, a phone call that she was present for in the real world that he made right before he crashed the car with her inside into the river. Tandy answers the phone on the next call and talks to this version of her father, saying that she misses him. Tyrone implores Tandy to not get distracted, saying they need to shut off the valves and evacuate everyone, according to Ivan's theory that the explosion can be stopped from the core but wasn't able to do it in real life nor in any of the loops he has lived through since. However, Tandy opts to speak to her father a few more times in the loops while Tyrone tries to complete the job himself.

Although Tyrone is initially successful at shutting off the valves by using his powers but it isn't effective since it's all just a part of Ivan's mind. Tyrone exits Ivan's mind, expecting Tandy to do the same. But when he reaches the real world, he finds that Tandy hasn't come with him. When he re-enters Ivan's mind, he discovers that Tandy has lost herself to Ivan's loop and her grief over her father. Tandy lashes out at Tyrone to try to make him leave her to the loop but Tyrone refuses to abandon her and finally manages to convince her that it's not really her father that is calling in the loop.

Tandy manages to break through to Ivan by making him remember Mina, which gets Ivan to work alongside Tandy and Tyrone to reach the core. Following this success, Ivan wakes from his catatonic state with no memory of Tandy or Tyrone being in his mind and is reunited with Mina.

Some time later, Tandy and Tyrone listen to a recording of Billy together.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays on Freeform at 8/7c.


The Handmaid's Tale S02E13 "The Word" Recap

Eden's father is revealed to be the one that turned Eden and Isaac in to Gilead's law enforcement, eventually leading to their execution. June goes through Eden's belongings and discovers a Bible that Eden not only read from, but wrote notes in despite the fact that women are forbidden to read in Gilead. June brings the Bible to Serena and implores her to think of her daughter's future in Gilead, pointing out that she won't be able to be close to God if she can't even read his word. Serena is furious at June for yet again being defiant, but later comes around to the idea.

June gets into an altercation with Fred in which he strikes her and she hits him back, after which he yells further insults at her. She ices her face and later enjoys a private moment with Nick and Nicole in which she tells Nick she loves him.

Serena rallies other wives to her cause and they prepare an amendment which she proposes to the council that girls be taught to read the Bible, and even reads from the Bible in order to make her point. However, her proposal is rejected and Serena is punished for reading, with one of her fingers being cut off.

Emily prepares for her first ritual with her new household but Lawrence ends up dismissing her without going through with it. Aunt Lydia later visits her, saying that Lawrence said that the ceremony went well. It's unclear why he would lie about it but Emily says nothing about it. Aunt Lydia insults Emily, who follows her as she is leaving. Emily stabs her in the back with a kitchen knife and throws her down the stairs, kicking her repeatedly till she gets to the bottom of the stairs. Lawrence's Martha, Cora, discovers them and drags Emily into a room which she locks her in.

June is nursing her baby when she notices the house across the street is on fire. Rita comes in and warns her that she and the baby need to get out immediately. Serena catches her while she is making her escape, but after making a long and tearful good-bye, she allows June to escape with the baby. June finds herself reunited with Emily, whom Lawrence dropped off himself at the escape van after discovering what Emily did to Aunt Lydia. When he is asked why he's allowing them to leave, he only says that he is getting himself in trouble.

But in a shocking turn of events, June decides to stay in Gilead at the last moment. June is determined to find Hannah and save her, so she gives baby Holly to Emily and tells her to call the baby Nicole in honour of Serena who allowed her to escape. She also tells Emily to tell the baby that she loves her.

The Handmaid's Tale is available for streaming on Hulu.


Время и Стекло Release "Е,Бой" Music Video

Ukrainian pop duo Время и Стекло have released the latest single in their prolific career, "Е,Бой" with a music video that adds a grungy flair to their signature vibrant aesthetics. From motorcycles to cars cut in half, topped off with a glitter-embedded gasoline nozzle, there's plenty of eye-catching scenes to enjoy while the pounding beat plays over the catchy, slightly sleazy melodies and expensive production.

Watch the full "Е,Бой" music video here:


MOZGI's Best Artists Team Up for Hit "Промінь"

MOZGI is fast-emerging as one of Ukraine's biggest power-house companies for producing hit artists and songs. Their biggest acts, duo Время и Стекло, the MOZGI group, and solo artist Michelle Andrade who are all signed to the same company have teamed up to release a song in Ukrainian, "Промінь", under the group name "All stars MOZGI Ent." Though the only 'music video' posted as of now is merely a lyric video of them recording the song together in the studio, the song is very well put-together. We're willing to overlook the lack of a flashy music video considering how busy each of these acts is with their own releases outside of this collaboration.

Watch the All stars MOZGI Ent. "Промінь" music video here:


Preacher S03E03 "Gonna Hurt" Recap

Tulip drives to the New Orleans office of the Grail, using the address left on the card she had from her previous encounter with its agents. However, when she arrives there is no one there anymore and it has seemingly been abandoned. On the drive back, she encounters God on the road who tells her that he intended for her to fail as part of his larger plan and that he is on Earth to prepare a test of some kind. She doesn't believe God and promises to "kick his ass" despite him getting away.

As T.C. is growing increasingly suspicious of Cassidy's ability to heal, Jesse tries to make up with Cassidy in order to warn him about the dangers in Angelville but Cassidy won't listen to him. But Jesse doesn't have time to sit around and work on repairing his relationship with Cassidy for the time being since he needs to go out and find new customers for his grandmother, whom he is still indebted to for resurrecting Tulip.

T.C. proceeds to tell Tulip about the logistics of blood-debt compacts, while Cassidy uses his time to approach Marie L'Angelle in search of a love spell that he likely wants to use on Tulip. Tulip decides to approach Madame Boyd to try to find a way to help Jesse break free from the compact he owes to his grandmother.

While Cassidy is out feeding on animals, he is caught by Jody and T.C. who proceed to hang him upside down from a tree in order for him to be killed when the sun rises. Jesse arrives in time to save Cassidy and is able to do so by agreeing to re-open the Tombs and have a fight scheduled between Cassidy and the customer still locked down there in which Jesse himself will serve as the master of ceremonies.

Preacher airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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