Humans S03E01 "Episode 1" Recap

The world reels from the activation code Niska sent out to cause more synths to become sentient.  The day of the mass sentience is known as "Day Zero" and it proved particularly devastating with thousands of deaths of both humans and synths. A year later, the remaining sentient synths are shown to have been segregated into a community led by Max, Mia, and Flash. Some synths, including one named Agnes, are angry to see so many humans mourning their own losses but not also mourning the millions of sentient synths who were destroyed because of Day Zero and the aftermath of it. Mia tells Max that they need to reach out and connect to the Humans in order to ensure their survival, particularly since they are running low on fuel and electricity to sustain their lives.

The government has created new non-sentient synths with orange eyes to make them identifiable as the new models. Niska is living among the humans in disguise, since she is still wanted by the government for her previous actions. Her girlfriend Astrid works in a synth-friendly bar that gets bombed by terrorists. Astrid is injured but survives the explosion since she was walking out to follow Niska. Astrid tells Niska to help the others but when Niska goes inside there are no survivors. Astrid tells Niska to run before the police arrive since the explosion blew one of her contacts out, and reassures Niska that she will be okay.

Laura and Joe have separated, with Laura taking up the cause of campaigning for synth rights. However, one of her TV appearances is undermined by the synth terrorist organisation behind the bar-bombing sending in a threatening video to the TV station warning of retribution against the humans for not allowing the synths to live peacefully. Max and Mia implore the synths in their camp to stay on the path of peace and appeal to the good in the humans but many synths remains weary of the situation. A gang of humans later kill Flash while she is out of the camp on a supply run.

Karen is also living among the humans in disguise, and is teaching Sam how to trick people into thinking he is a human child.

Laura and Joe are stressed about their youngest daughter Sophie getting into a fight at school due to the stresses of being at school and the sociopolitical climate being so against synths even though she knows the truth about it all. Laura coaches her on who to cope with things. Meanwhile, Karen drops Sam off for his first day of school.

Laura visits Mia to regroup about their strategy to help the cause of synth rights. Laura decides to join the Dryden Commission, believing it's the only way to try to help them but Mia warns her that the other synths won't take the news well, and will believe she has joined an enemy of the synths.

The synths are struggling to survive due to a lack of supplies as well as the government doing regular power-cuts. Mattie visits the synth camp, blaming herself for all the deaths that came from Day Zero, and a determined Niska also arrives to announce her intention to find the terrorists. Max disconnects Leo's life support, hoping that he will be able to survive without it, since the equipment is needed to save a dying synth. Just then, police raid the camp in search of the terrorists. The synths at the camp abide by the orders, while Niska keeps herself hidden. Mattie is forced to resuscitate Leo so that the police won't find them, since they have equipment to trace the signatures of synths. While the members of the synth community are kneeling at orders of the armed police, Agnes and Ferdinand stand up in order to confront the police due to their sympathizing with the terrorists.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


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