Humans S03E02 "Episode 2" Recap

Max subdues Agnes and orders Ferdinand to kneel, which he does, in order to stop the police from shooting anyone. The police are hunting for the two remaining synth signatures and Niska hides underneath the one being medically treated in order to hide her signal. The police end up leaving without finding Niska, Mattie, or Leo. Niska joins Mattie and helps her resuscitate Leo's vitals. Leo is  finally able to breathe on his own but is still asleep.

Laura joins the Dryden Commission and is assigned a new non-sentient synth called Stanley that will tend to her needs and act as her personal security. She doesn't want to have a non-sentient synth but has no choice but to comply since it's part of the terms of her job. The Dryden Commission serves as a panel that will decide the fate of Britain's synths. She meets another panelist called Neil Sommer and when she determines that he knows more about a secret protocol regarding the synths known as "Basswood", she decides to ask him out for dinner since she has the sense that he is attracted to her.

Mia returns to the camp and is happy to find Leo is breathing on his own but angry at Max for risking Leo's life to begin with. He eventually regains consciousness and asks Mattie what he's missed while he was asleep.

Mia and Niska head out on a mission to rescue four refugee synths. Mia wants to help those in need, while Niska had discovered a signal that some of these synths are connected to the terrorist group. Niska calls Astrid at the hospital and tells her to tell the police that she was coerced into being with Niska, as they have already managed to determine a connection between the two. They arrive at the beach and find many dead synths but the four that sent the signal are still alive. Two police officers arrive and Mia feeds them a fake story about a mysterious van picking up the four live ones, and is able to trick the officers by wearing sunglasses. Niska is able to retrieve the information she is after from one of the live synths that had spoken to a now-dead synth that had intended to join the terrorist organisation and gave her the location he was heading to.

Agnes confronts Max about her growing questions regarding his leadership approach and the fact that Mattie, a human, is able to come and go freely. She demands that he give answers by tomorrow, prompting Max to send Mattie and Leo away from the camp for their own safety.

Joe discovers Karen and Sam living in disguise in the synth-free community. Joe discreetly follows them until Karen catches him and invites him up for tea to explain what she's doing. She tells Sam to show Joe who he really is and Sam removes his contact lenses to reveal that he is also a synth. Karen explains how he was a prototype and was with him when he became conscious and now she is doing everything she can to protect him. Joe is shaken by this revelation and leaves, but doesn't call the police.

Mia and Niska are on the way back from the rescue mission and Niska tells her that she needs to go off and follow the lead to get the terrorist organisation. Mia admits that she once shared who she was to a human she thought she felt a connection to and now she doesn't see the point in trying to live openly among the humans. Niska however, tells her not to be defined by one bad experience and says they must find a way and leaves.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


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