Humans S03E05 "Episode 5" Recap

In the aftermath of Karen's death, Joe brings Sam to meet the rest of his family in the hopes that they can all work together to help him. Laura at first doesn't want Sam to stay there since it puts her own children at risk but Joe points out that Sam is just a child in need too and that the non-synth community will know that Karen was with a young boy and will be looking for him. Laura and Joe struggle to help Sam process his grief but Sophie fares better in connecting with him and helping him work through things.

After the successful visit to the Synth commune, the Dryden Commission passes legislation that will fine anyone £300 if they damage a conscious synth. This prompts Max to re-open the commune gates and let the synths come and go as they please to intermingle with the humans.

Meanwhile, Mia befriends her flat's former occupant after a piece of mail arrives for them which she returns. The elderly woman is a professor who is secretly harboring a synth and has contact with other humans and synths sympathetic to the cause of the betterment of conscious synths. The woman and the synth encourage Mia to keep up her fight, as she's become famous amongst their community. Mia calls Laura to talk further about the state of things and Mia becomes motivated to march to Westminster and visit the Dryden Commission to ask for a position on it. Eventually, with Laura's help and the support of others who believe in her cause, Mia's march gains greater attention from reporters who follow her on her march along with other peaceful protesters who follow behind her.

Joe and Laura become panicked when Sam sneaks out of the house when they're not paying attention. In actuality, Sam has snuck out to visit a local cemetery to search for Karen's body. Eventually Joe and Laura are ablate find him with the help of an elderly man that was also in the cemetery visiting his dead wife.

Leo regains a memory while sleeping of his father that he believes is important to helping the conscious synths.

Mattie befriends a woman named Audrey, who is posing as a new student at Mattie's school where she is studying to get her degree in coding. Unbeknownst to Mattie, Audrey hacks into her laptop in order to obtain evidence that Mattie was the one to send the anonymous message that exonerated the American that had been arrested for causing Day Zero.

Back at the synth camp, Anatole has grown disillusioned with Max's leadership and secretly releases Agnes from the storage container she is locked in. Anatole then contacts Stanley and tells him to kill the Hawkins family.

Humans airs on Thursdays on Channel 4.


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