Humans S03E07 "Episode 7" Recap

Leo proposes to Mattie that he leave, saying that going home reminded him of how painful it is to grow up with someone who doesn't know how to be a father and is afraid of making things worse for her and the child. But their conversation is interrupted when Joe ushers them inside to tell them what has happened.

Anatole has brought Stanley and Sam back to the synth camp and is revealed to be the terrorist leader everyone has been searching for. Anatole and Max have a battle of philosophies but all the synths decide to join Anatole when he reveals that Max had kept Leo, a human, at the camp. Anatole is shocked when Max tries to tell him how Max was awake before Day Zero and that Leo is the son of Elster, whom Anatole and others like him see as a divine creator. Anatole doesn't want to believe that his philosophy was built on the back of their consciousness being nothing more than a side effect of code being released and decides to deactivate Max.

When Leo and Mattie learn of Anatole's betrayal, Leo decides to go to the synth camp to help Max but Joe warns him to be careful and gives him a note to give to Sam if he sees him. Mattie leaves to find Laura and talk her into returning home so they can continue their fight against Basswood. Laura is disillusioned by the revelation that she was wiling to sacrifice Sam's life to spare a random human. Mattie rallies her mother back into the fight and also reveals her pregnancy.

Mia is visited by the leader of the Dryden Commission who is uninterested in her giving up Anatole's name. She realises that he doesn't care about what's right or wrong and that the protocols against synths are already in motion. Still, she refuses to act against him as she knows that any violence she inflicts will simply fuel the human justification of harming synths.

Niska wakes with the help of her rescuer Paul, who has brought her out of the reach of the men who were looking for synths earlier. Together, they track down the location of a cabin that the Synth Who Sleeps is guiding her towards.

Anatole helps Stanley swap out his fake orange eyes for his original green ones, and advises him to not be tricked by Laura's charisma. Stanley appears concerned that Anatole will only focus on the continuation of their species when they gain power, as opposed to the destruction of the humans species. Anatole merely advises him to continue to watch over and care for Sam.

Laura arrives at Dryden and discovers she has been shut out of the proceedings. Patel isn't able to tell her anything else about Basswood, other than that it's some sort of contingency plan. Patel advises her to talk about it to Neil, who would have been the mastermind of the plan in close work with Dryden.

Paul brings Niska to his mother's place so she can recharge before continuing her search. Paul is alarmed when Niska points out the location of the cabin on the map, telling her that she'll need to take a charging pack with her and even then it's a risk. She somehow gets the sense that she needs to go tonight but Paul is alarmed, warning her that she could die out there.

Leo arrives at the synth camp, determined to help Max. Anatole welcomes him since he is the son of Elster, the creator of synths. Anatole claims that Max abandoned his people and welcomes him to the community. When Anatole asks about Elster, Leo speaks negatively about his character, saying that in the end Elster regretted all of his work and even Leo himself. Anatole becomes enraged and tries to kill Leo. Stanley overhears the attack and decides to turn against Anatole's brutality, reactivating Max so he can intervene. Stanley holds Leo back from trying to get in the fight, warning him that doing so will only get him killed. Max and Anatole fight and Max finally manages to kill Anatole.

Audrey visits Mattie and reveals herself to be a journalist and offers to let her share her story of Day Zero, having managed to piece together that Mattie was the one to release the consciousness code in the ongoing investigation Audrey is doing. She threatens that the story will be published in twenty-four hours whether Mattie shares her side or not.

Laura visits Neil who finally admits to her about what Basswood really is. The government intends to disable the majority of synths with a controlled series of power surges that will effect the charging systems synths use. Following this, anti-synth groups will have free reign to attack and destroy all the disable synths.

Patel orchestrates Mia's escape from prison without anyone being harmed.

Niska barely manages to make it to the cabin before she collapses from lack of charge. The Synth Who Sleeps finds her after, who resembles a purple-eyed Odi.

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