Into The Badlands S03E03 "Leopard Snares Rabbit" Recap

Moon continues his quest to capture the Iron Rabbit and brings more soldiers to Tilda's refugee camp to hunt her down. She is discovered but manages to kill all of the soldiers, however Moon is still alive and bests her in combat. She is knocked down and some of her subordinates load up her unconscious body into a truck before Moon can take her captive or kill her. He takes Odessa, one of her friends, from the camp in order to lure Tilda out. Once Odessa is brought back to the Widow, she is interrogated about the identity of the spy that warned them that Moon was coming. The Widow orders Odessa to be tortured to get the information but insists that she be kept "pretty" enough to still be an incentive for Tilda to return.

Lydia decides to play both sides of the war by accepting the Widow's offer to be her Viceroy and take over Quinn's mansion. Those assigned to work for her are welcoming of her return to the Badlands.

M.K. is now forced to live with his hands and feet tied to his bed after his failed suicide attempt. The Widow cuts his arm to see if his Gift is back but there's no visible change.

Moon confronts Lydia for being the one to send Tilda the warning note, as he recognised her handwriting. She points out that he won't betray her to the Widow and for the time being it seems that this is true. She claims to have only accepted the Widow's offer because she believes she can do more to help people from this position but Moon pushes her to admit that part of her incentive in accepting the offer is that she knows how to survive. His main goal is to kill Sunny for not finishing the fight that they had together and allowing Bajie to take his sword. He tries to rekindles the romantic relationship he once had with Lydia, which she turns down due to her belief that romantic love poses too many risks to surviving.

Sunny and Bajie disguise themselves as The Widow's Clippers in order to get to the frontlines. Sunny has left Henry with a healer that will look after him while they complete their quest to get out of the war zone in order to find a cure for Henry's Gift.

Tilda sneaks into Lydia's new set-up to confront her for both sending the note and seemingly aligning herself with The Widow. Tilda then decides to finally confront her mother and attempts to make a deal that she will return to her home if M.K. is freed. But while M.K. is being force-bed some treatment, his Gift returns and he bursts free from his restraints and crashes out of his room. He fights off the Widow's guards and is prepared to kill the Widow but only stops when Tilda intervenes. M.K. declares that he is leaving and Tilda and Odessa decide to go with him.

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