Into The Badlands S03E04 "Blind Cannibal Assassins" Recap

Baron Chau has her brother Gaius imprisoned for eighteen months for betraying her commands but offers him another shot at his freedom which he initially turns down. She threatens to kill the men that helped him smuggle out Cogs from her territory and he agrees to take on her job. She orders him to clip Pilgrim, who took out the members of the border patrol at a particular checkpoint and has begun recruiting Cogs from her territory. She warns him of the two Dark Ones that Pilgrim has working for him and orders him not to return until he has Pilrim's head.

Sunny and Bajie continue their journey through the Wasteland and end up in a confrontation against a band of blind cannibals. They go after the cannibals to retrieve Henry whom the cannibals had kidnapped.

M.K. goes on the run and leaves Tilda despite her pleas that they stay together. He decides that he must now find Sunny as he believes he killed his mother. M.K. struggles to travel due to still being injured from his fight against the Widow's guards, and is forced to hide when Gaius and his men are passing through the same patch of forest.

The Widow and Lydia are shaken after hundreds of workers abandon their posts to join Pilgrim who has been recruiting more and more followers to his cause. Lydia proposes that they find Pilgrim and try to befriend him in order to prevent more loss of workers.

The cannibals are planning to eat baby Henry but are willing to spare his life if Sunny agrees to join their group and be blinded in the process. They give him one day to decide. When Sunny and Bajie are brought back to their holding cell, Sunny reveals that these blind cannibals were once renegade Clippers before Quinn's forced tracked them down and blinded them as punishment for their actions against his son. Sunny was much younger at the time, and it was only his first time out on a mission such as this. Sunny was ordered to participate in the blindings in order to become a Clipper.

Moon arrives in the same area as the blind cannibals, as he is hunting for Sunny and Bajie. He agrees to stay at a shelter one blind man has set up, not knowing of the looming threat.

The Widow and Lydia arrive at Pilgrim's castle. While Lydia heads out to spend time with the High Priestess discussing various artifacts and philosophies, The Widow has a tense meeting with Pilgrim. All the while, Gaius and his warriors are infiltrating the castle. The Widow saves Pilgrim from an incoming knife and then a fight begins with The Widow fighting alongside Pilgrim and his fighters. Lydia also fights off some of the masked intruders with the help of the High Priestess, while Gaius ends up in a one-on-one fight against one of Pilgrim's Dark Ones. Eventually Gaius gets knocked out and Pilgrim intervenes to stop his out-of-control Dark One from killing The Widow.

One of the blind cannibals asks Sunny why the baby has a fever and he explains that Henry is sick with a poison in his blood that they're trying to find a cure for. The blind woman explains how the reason why she was blinded was because she and a Clipper from a rival baron had fallen in love and tried to run away together. Sunny reveals to her that he also tried to run away for love but the baron killed his wife in revenge, and that Sunny was the one to blind her all those years ago. He feels that he owes her the truth and is damned without his sun anyway. Still, she is furious at the revelation. It's then that another cannibal reveals Moon, who has also been taken prisoner by the cannibals.

M.K. meets Pilgrim's other Dark One in the woods and witnesses her kill some men that tried to attack her.

Sunny comes up with a plan that requires Moon to work with him and Bajie. Though Moon initially doesn't want to allow them to escape, Sunny uses Moon's glove weapon to kill the cannibals trying to kill them. Sunny refuses to let Moon out of his chains when he refuses to help Sunny's plan to rescue Henry. While Sunny and Bajie head out to find Henry, they pass by some other cannibals who later circle back around. A fight breaks out in which Sunny and Bajie are able to kill most of them. They finally get to the remaining cannibal woman who has Henry. Sunny gets Henry back and asks the woman to come with them but she says she has lived in darkness too long and is implied to have decided to kill herself since she has no one left. Sunny and Bajie return to Moon and free him from his chains. They all re-emerge out of the caverns and Moon demands that Sunny pick up his sword and fight him to the death. Sunny gives a speech about insisting on stopping the cycle of violence he was in and says that Moon is free to kill him but if he does, Henry will be his responsibility. Moon declares that his honour is satisfied due to his sparing Henry a father. He also warns Sunny that The Widow still wants his head and to not return to the badlands.

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