Into The Badlands S03E05 "Carry Tiger to Mountain" Recap

Gaius Chau sneaks into The Widow's car to come back with her and offers to help her take his sister down. It's also revealed that they first met when they were children. Gaius was the son of a baron and The Widow was just a servant girl responsible for housekeeping.

Pilgrim confronts Juliet Chau with the heads of the men that came with Gaius to attack him. She denies any involvement in the plot against his life but later is weary of the fact that her brother's head is missing from the lot.

Moon returns to The Widow and explains how Sunny is still alive but isn't interested in pursuing revenge against her. The Widow swears that if Sunny comes anywhere near her she will kill him as well as Moon.

Sunny and Bajie arrive at Vulture's Peak where they meet Ankara, a reclusive witch. She is able to use her abilities and knowledge to temporarily heal Henry's darkness. She won't be able to take away his Gift but she can heal him from succumbing to it as a mere infant. She puts baby Henry under water and draws from Sunny's strength using her powers to help Henry. Sunny then pulls Henry out of the water and he's shown to be better for the time being. Ankara says that the answers Sunny seeks are within himself in order to find a more permanent solution to Henry's predicament. She identifies Sunny as a Catalyst. Someone powerful dispelled Sunny's Gift when he was just a child and this was what made him a Catalyst. Now the dark Gift flows through him and Sunny may be the most powerful of them all.

After Nix saves M.K. in the forest she brings him back to meet Pilgrim. Initially M.K. wants to leave but decides to stay when Pilgrim displays an ability to control M.K.'s Gift and offers him a place to stay with a community that will support him. Pilgrim wants to use M.K.'s powers for his greater cause to bring about a new era of blood and chaos in the name of Azra. Castor looks on in jealousy at seeing a new Dark One seemingly taking his place in Pilgrim's esteem. Castor later confronts M.K. but Nix talks him down and points out that he is suffering from another nosebleed. The high priestess believes that Castor is a liability that should be put down but Pilgrim doesn't believe in this course of action despite M.K. being a more powerful Dark One than Castor.

The High Priestess later sends Castor to ransack Tilda's refugee camp so that if he died, he will die for their cause. Juliet's Clippers are also ransacking the camp but The Widow arrives with Gaius to help fight off these intruders. They take Castor captive to lure Pilgrim out.

Ankara tells Sunny he needs to confront Pilgrim. The High Priestess has a vision foretelling Sunny paying them a visit and when M.K. announces his intention to kill him, Pilgrim forbids him from doing so, saying Sunny's destiny is intertwined with theirs.

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