Into The Badlands S03E06 "Black Wind Howls" Recap

Sunny and Bajie are travelling through a rough patch in the Badlands that is home to many unsavory characters including petty thieves and pirates. They manage to find Lily, Bajie's ex-wife, who is now operating at a smuggler and get into a fight to help her after another thief accuses her of cheating in a gambling game. They need her help in getting to Azra, as she has a ship that they'll need to make the journey. She initially doesn't want to help but changes her mind after Bajie returns the money she had won in the gambling match and is reminded that he and Sunny helped her out in the scuffle.

After a disagreement with her girlfriend, Tilda decides to visit The Widow and make a truce so they can be realigned. Chau had taken some of the camp's refugees and Tilda hopes that making peace with The Widow will be better for the refugees in the long run.

While on Lily's boat, Sunny begins to experience visions of himself a boy on board the same ship, as it's revealed to have once belonged to the River King. Bajie tries to mend his relationship with Lily but she still feels resentment towards him for all the bad things that have transpired between them. The River King is later shown to be coming after them in search of bounties.

The Widow has taken Castor captive in the hopes of returning him to Pilgrim so they can continue down a relationship of peace, though she is also curious to learn about how Pilgrim is able to control Castor's Gift. Tilda accompanies her to the meeting where Pilgrim's second-in-command points out that The Widow once had the Gift and wants to get it back. The Widow later tells Moon and Tilda that they will need Pilgrim's army to be able to defeat the Dark Ones and returning Castor will help towards this end goal as well as buy them some needed time. However, once Pilgrim and his followers from the meeting make it back to the palace Castor gets into a fight with M.K. Pilgrim deems him too far out of control and apologises before killing him.

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