Into The Badlands S03E07 "Dragonfly's Last Dance" Recap

The Widow's butterflies are scheming to put together a mutiny against her, as they are suffering significantly from fighting on her behalf in the war. They are lead by a fighter named Wren who has the others set off some smoke bombs while they wear oxygen masks. They attack both The Widow and Chau, who fight for a bit but succumb to the effects of the smoke and are taken captive. Wren was formerly a fighter in the war till she lost a limb, much like other fighters serving Widow in the war against Baron Chau.

Pilgrim and his followers hold a funeral ceremony for Castor. He continues to have visions related to Sunny's impending arrival, while Sunny and Bajie have managed to hold the River King captive to compel him to assist them in getting passage to Pilgrim's Fortress. Nix questions Pilgrim about marks on Castor's neck and Pilgrim claims Castor died peacefully in his arms while also making subtle threats not to question him any further on the matter.

Sunny learns that he was on a boat during his childhood that was attacked by the Black Lotus, a group of menacing warriors hunting for him specifically. This prompts Sunny to seek out Captain Udo, the last survivor of the attack. He leaves baby Henry with Bajie to be looked after and during this time, Bajie seemingly begins to rekindle his relationship with Lydia.

Wren and her followers are searching for an important seal when Lydia emerges and manages to negotiate an armistice with the turncoats. Lydia then goes to The Widow to inform her that she has managed to negotiate terms that will end the war. The Widow signs an agreement which Lydia is supposed to bring to Baron Chau.

Sunny learns from Captain Udo further details about the massacre that he survived, and a stunning revelation that he had a sister who protected him as a child.

Lydia flees to Moon and Tilda with the intention that they'll work together to rescue The Widow and Chau, who manage to break out on their own and begin fighting off Wren's fighters. Just as Wren and her followers get them surrounded and are preparing to kill them, Tilda, Moon, and other reinforcements arrive to take out Wren's followers. Tilda tosses a sword to The Widow so she can decide for herself whether to kill Wren. Ultimately, The Widow decides to execute Wren and all of her remaining supporters.

More members of Black Lotus try to kill Sunny but he manages to kill them instead. The River King tries to offer up his assistance to Sunny but Sunny decides to kill him instead. With his position now vacant, Lily assumes the role of River Queen.

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