Into The Badlands S03E08 "Leopard Catches Cloud" Recap

Sunny and Bajie finally make it to Pilgrim's Fortress where they are reunited with M.K. who furiously demands that Sunny give baby Henry to Bajie before attacking him. They fight, with Sunny not wanting to hurt M.K. who uses his Gift to enhance his strength while warning Bajie to stay out of the way of the fight. The fight continues until M.K. is able to beat Sunny into near unconsciousness and considers snapping his neck until Pilgrim uses his powers to deactivate M.K.'s gift and welcomes Sunny, saying it's been a long time.

Pilgrim tells Sunny that his real name is Sanzo and that his older sister had helped Pilgrim survive the attack when they were young but he doesn't know what happened to her. He considers Sunny to be a brother, and says that they can cure Henry if they open the Meridian Chamber which is an ancient underground vault from the Old World Pilgrim's followers have recently uncovered.

The Widow and Chau plot their attack on White Bone, Chau's sister's mansion. He swears to do anything for The Widow and it's revealed that they once had a romantic connection that they decide to rekindle as Chau promises to kill his sister if and when she commands him to. Meanwhile, Lydia also resumes her romantic relationship with Moon. The following day, The Widow works alongside Gaius Chau, Lydia, Moon, and other soldiers to set off for White Bone.

Sunny tries to make amends with M.K. who angrily yells at him for killing his mother, something Sunny doesn't remember doing but he still apologises for all the brutality of his past as a kller. M.K. doesn't want to forgive or mend his relationship with Sunny, though Nix appears moved by Sunny's words while standing in the same room as them while they speak. Bajie pulls Sunny aside to warn him that Pilgrim wants to make an army of Dark Ones for a new Azra but Sunny doesn't care about this consequence since he believes there is no other way to cure Henry. Bajie wants to blow up the chamber but Sunny and Pilgrim stop him and Bajie is taken prisoner to watch what's about to unfold.

The Widow, Gaius, and Tilda attack White Bone, while Moon battles Baron Chau's troops and Lydia helps to hold the line. Lydia saves Moon from being killed on the battlefield but she ends up being badly injured in battle. The Widow confront Baron Chau who orders her soldiers to shoot The Widow but the arrows are frozen in air and shot back from whence they came, with Baron Chau being nonfatally wounded in the process. A monk-like figure emerges and says that it's time for The Widow and Baron Chau to put aside their differences as there is a far greater threat coming.

Sunny helps Pilgrim to open the Meridian Chamber, as Sunny is the key while Pilgrim is the focus. Together, they are able to use the door and its powers so Pilgrim is able to absorb Henry's gift for himself. Henry is saved, while Pilgrim now has a dangerous power boost.

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