Killing Eve S01E05 "I Have a Thing About Bathrooms" Recap

Villanelle approaches Eve's car, firing off shots, but Eve finally manages to get the car to drive and begins to drive away. Even then decides to stop the car and thinks she should try to talk to Villanelle, believing that she wants to talk to her. Carolyn and Frank scream at her to keep driving away but Villanelle does slow down her pursuit once Eve stops the car. Eve decides to get out of the car and slowly approaches Villanelle but stops once Villanelle raises her gun at her. Villanelle then points the gun underneath her own chin, to which Eve screams at her to stop. Villanelle laughs, kisses her own gun, then fires a few shots at the ground near Eve before running off once more.

Eve and Elena bring Frank to a safe house and he shares how he overheard one of the women that was pursuing him being called "Oksana." Frank is then brought to a safe house. Eve gets a call that her suitcase has come back and the assassin's DNA is all over it and matches trace evidence found from her various kills. Eve determines that the killer is either deeply arrogant or knows that she is protected somehow.

Carolyn arrives at the safe house and with Eve, begins to question Frank. He finally admits that he has been taking payments from a shadow organisation called "The Twelve" who know everything about him. He accepted their payments to pay for his wife's medical treatment although she ended up dying anyway. He is insistent that he only took the money to help make his family happy. He admits to sharing information on what conversations were being had. Carolyn informs Eve that a male body was found at the scene where Frank was cornered, which implies that Nadia may still be alive despite Villanelle running her over.

Kenny tracks "Oksana" down in official prison records and Eve identifies her as the killer. Villanelle used to be a brunette and her records have her marked as being dead. She had also killed a prison guard and chopped his 'knob' off.

Eve returns home and tries on the perfume and one of the dresses that Villanelle had gifted her with. Eve then looks over Oksana's file before discovering that Villanelle has broken into her home. Eve flees to the bathroom and locks herself inside while Villanelle shouts that she won't hurt her and demands that she open the door. Villanelle kicks the door down and demands that Eve stop screaming, saying she only wants to have dinner with her. Eve reluctantly agrees and heats up some leftover shepherd's pie. Villanelle tries to spin a sob-story about needing help but Eve sees right through the facade and calls her out for it. Villanelle suggests that if she and Eve were to really dig into it they would likely find that they are working for the same people. Eve asks Villanelle why she castrated the guard and Villanelle is evasive, though it's implied that Villanelle is used for purposeful political destabilisation. Eve then asks why Villanelle why she killed Bill and Villanelle claims he was slowing Eve down. Eve tries to draw a knife on Villanelle but is overpowered and Villanelle sniffs her, noticing that she is wearing the perfume. Villanelle steals Eve's phone and gets the pin for her under the threat of killing Eve's loved ones who are returning home at that time.

Eve visits Carolyn and learns that Kenny is her son. She tells Carolyn about Villanelle's visit and stealing the phone, which has Frank's location on it. They hurry to try to send backup and save Frank but it's too late, as Villanelle has already gotten to the safe house and killed Frank as well as badly injured the agent that was guarding him, Max. When Eve and Carolyn arrive, Eve is shocked to learn that Frank was also castrated which speaks to a pattern in Villanelle's psychosis.

Konstantin visits Villanelle and she lies about Nadia's injuries, claiming that Diego was the one that run Nadia over. He informs her that Nadia is alive and needs to be killed before she can be questioned by anyone. Villanelle is reluctant to go, since Nadia is back in Russia, but Konstantin assure her that no one else can get the job done and that she can come back as soon as the job is done. Konstantin is also taken aback when Villanelle asks him which number out of The Twelve he is.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


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