Killing Eve S01E06 "Take Me to the Hole!" Recap

Konstantin gives Villanelle the necessary information to complete her next assignment to take out Nadia, who is currently being held in a Moscow prison. Villanelle is transferred into the prison in order to complete her mission by Konstantin.

Eve and Carolyn track down the prison where Nadia is being held but before Eve leaves she gets into a fight with her husband, who lashes out due to his fears of a killer harming Eve or breaking into their home again.

Eve and Carolyn arrive in Moscow where Carolyn has arranged a meeting with Vladimir, a Russian Intelligence officer. Eve tries to call her husband but he doesn't answer. Carolyn advises Eve that some people aren't cut out to have a personal life while being in this line of work but it doesn't lessen the value of her working hard to make the world safer for everyone and not just her husband. Konstantin joins their gathering, as he's revealed to be another Russian Intelligence officer that Carolyn has a camaraderie with. Carolyn gets down to business after some friendly chatting and asks about Nadia, wanting to have a meeting with her. Konstantin tries to stop them from going through with making the arrangements for Carolyn and Eve to question her but is shocked when Eve reveals that a female operative named Oksana broke into her house to have dinner. The deal is made in which Carolyn and Eve will be allowed to meet one time with Nadia to question her but the conversation will be recorded and Konstantin will be in the room with them. Afterwards, Eve tells Carolyn that she didn't like Konstantin.

Villanelle tries to get herself assigned to kitchen duty upon seeing that Nadia is working there but a guard drags her off to scrub toilets instead. On the way, Villanelle spots Eve and Carolyn arriving with Konstantin and ducks her head down to avoid being spotted and recognised. She befriends another inmate who claims to be prone to violent outbursts. She then goads the inmate into assaulting her so that she will hopefully be moved to C Block, the same block as Nadia.

Eve and Carolyn are brought to a room where Nadia will be brought in and Konstantin says he will be listening in from another room. Nadia shares how she was supposed to escape but Oksana went instead, saying there is a man they need to find. But just before she's about to give his identity, Konstantin comes in which prompts her to change her story. She says they need to find someone named Anna.

Carolyn wants to offer up immunity and transport back to the UK for Nadia so that she will give up the names that Eve knows she has in her possession. They share the name of the organisation running covert operations, The Twelve, but Vladimir refuses to let Carolyn give Nadia this deal.

Eve learns from Kenny that "Anna" is the name of the wife of the man Oksana murdered and castrated six years ago. Eve also asks him to look into any private correspondence between Konstantin and Carolyn, asking him to keep it quiet even though Carolyn is his mother.

Following the assault she faced, Villanelle gets sent to the prison doctor who is another agent involved with Konstantin's plan. He tells her that after the job is complete she needs to get herself sent to the Hole by tomorrow, 9PM. He then gives her a shiv to hide and the location of Nadia's cell.

Villanelle runs into a problem when her new friend takes her shiv away from her right before she is set to confront Nadia. Nadia is terrified to see Villanelle again and runs to ask the guards for help. But Villanelle grabs the shiv and uses it to stab two guards and steal a set of keys before looking for Nadia.

Eve privately meets with Vladimir and explains how Oksana is another young woman manipulated into a criminal organisation and is convinced that Nadia is the key to bringing down the Twelve. He is unwilling to cooperate until she offers up some information that one of his agents is dirty and had given away secret information to Carolyn.

Villanelle makes her way through the prison which has its sirens blaring and is supposed to be on lockdown. She gets to Nadia's cell but she isn't there. Nadia is later brought back to her cell and locked in. She writes a note for Eve before Villanelle emerges from beneath the bed. Nadia begs her not to kill her and says she is going to tell the British everything and get transferred, also revealing that Konstantin is working for the British. She shares how Eve was asking about her. While Villanelle is distracted in deciding if she wants to hang Nadia instead of stab her, Nadia slips her note to Eve under the door. Villanelle kills Nadia and the guards send her to the hole. The doctor visits her and gives her some pills to calm her down, claiming to not know who Konstantin is.

Eve gets a call from Kenny, saying he tracked down some letters between Konstantin and Carolyn.

Killing Eve airs on Sundays on BBC America.


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