Killing Eve S01E08 "God, I'm Tired" Recap

Villanelle loads up Konstantin's daughter and they hitchhike back into town in search of food.

Eve and Kenny get into Carolyn's hotel room where they are shocked to find it in a state of disarray with Konstantin also in the room. Carolyn is angry that they disobeyed her orders to return to London but shares that Villanelle was broken out of prison and attacked Konstantin in his home. Villanelle left Konstantin's wife behind locked in a cupboard, which we later learn is because Villanelle considered her too big to bring along as a hostage. The foursome head out to a cafe to discuss the situation further. Konstantin shares how he is Villanelle's next target and is fearful for the well-being of his daughter.

Eve calls Anna to warn her but Anna doesn't answer as there's a knock at the door. It's Konstantin's daughter, who has been ordered at gunpoint to go in and ask for help. While Anna is distracted, Villanelle sneaks in to search for the jacket containing the passport and cash-stash. Upon reaching into the seam, she finds a note Eve left saying "Sorry baby" much like Villanelle had left for her. Anna catches Villanelle and says that Eve came by to ask questions about her and left her number behind. She asks to put some disinfectant on Villanelle's face wounds, promising to give her Eve's number afterwards. Villanelle agrees.

Kenny discovers that a prison guard had found a note on the ground which tipped him off to something being wrong in Nadia's cell.

Konstantin is driving Eve to Anna's place, where it's revealed that Anna and Villanelle did have a sexual relationship. Anna pulls a gun out and points it at Villanelle, who is unafraid of the situation due to Anna's inexperience in handling a gun. Villanelle demands to get Eve's phone number and both her and Anna claim that the other one seduced the other. Villanelle pulls out her own gun, intending to kill Anna but Anna decides to shoot herself before Villanelle can. Villanelle steals Anna's phone and some money so she and Konstantin's daughter can get lunch.

Eve and Konstantin tiptoe around sharing information with each other while Villanelle gets Konstantin's daughter to steal wallets from a few different targets till they have enough. Eve pulls Konstantin's gun on him and demands answers from him about Villanelle. He admits to recruiting Villanelle from prison to a private organisation but claims to have not seen her for years. He is adamant that he wants his daughter and if they stay the course then Eve will get Villanelle and the Twelve. The conversation is interrupted by Villanelle calling Eve to demand her passport back and gives the name of a cafe to meet at.

Eve and Konstantin arrive at the cafe where Villanelle holds Konstantin's daughter Irina at gunpoint demanding that Eve return the passport, which she does. Villanelle insists that she just wants to do her job so she can go home and have a bath. Eve shoots Konstantin in the abdomen and then Eve and Villanelle end up pointing their guns at one another. Eve pleads with her to leave the car with her but Villanelle runs off instead.

Carolyn, Eve, and Kenny head to the airport and learn that Konstantin has passed away from his injuries. Eve gets a voicemail from her other colleague that was able to track down Villanelle's Paris apartment but hides this revelation from Carolyn and Kenny. Carolyn effectively disbands the department, having learned of Eve's attempt to sell Carolyn out to Vladimir. While Carolyn and Kenny head back to London, Eve decides to go to Paris instead.

Eve arrives at Villanelle's apartment building and meets her elderly neighbour. She learns that Konstantin would often visit Villanelle's apartment. As she hasn't been to her apartment for some time, Eve asks the elderly woman to call her if she sees her any time soon. Afterwards, the elderly woman gives Eve a spare key to Villanelle's apartment. Eve searches through all of Eve's clothes, weapons, and eventually makes a mess of her once-organized belongings and even smashes all the food items onto the ground but is forced to hide when she hears Villanelle re-enter the apartment.

Eve raids Villanelle's weapons stash and pulls a gun on her, wanting to confront her for all that she has lost due to her professional pursuit of her. Eve orders Villanelle to sit down and then sits down across from her leaving the gun next to her own thigh. Eve confesses to being obsessed with Villanelle and wanting to know everything about her. Villanelle admits her own obsession with Eve and to frequently masturbating to her. Eve asks Villanelle what she wants, and Villanelle says she wants all the normal stuff including a nice flat, a cool job, and someone to watch movies with. Eve lays down and Villanelle takes back the gun and decides to lay down next to Eve while cradling it to her chest. Eve admits she is tired, and Villanelle is too. Villanelle commends Eve for finding her. Eve asks Villanelle if she's going to kill her and Villanelle promises she won't, placing the gun down on the floor next to the bed. Villanelle asks Eve to stay for a bit and when Villanelle tries to kiss Eve, Eve reveals a hidden knife which she uses to stab Villanelle in the stomach. Eve panics and tries to help Villanelle with her injury but Villanelle grabs the gun and tries to shoot at Eve. Eve tries to go back to Villanelle with a towel but finds that Villanelle has run out of the apartment.

Killing Eve will return for season 2 on BBC America.


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