Krypton S01E07 "Transformation" Recap

The infected Voice of Rao uses his tentacles to penetrate the skulls of his attackers and enslave them to his bidding. Only Jayna is able to escape the room and the brainwashing. Daron is brought to the Voice of Rao and forced to admit his complicity in the plot to take him out, as the Voice has now fully succumbed to Brainiac. The only way that Daron's life will be spared is if Nyssa is executed with the other conspirators.

Seg and Lyta bring an injured Zod to Kem's bar. They intend to call for medical care to help patch Zod up but Kem tells them they can't use their communications device since they're all being monitored after the coup attempt. Kem informs them of both Jayna and Nyssa being said to be involved with the crime, and that Nyssa has been placed under house arrest.

Lem finds someone to help tend to Zod's wounds while Lyta tries to form a plan to rescue Jayna. Seg doesn't want Nyssa to die either, since she helped him while he was grieving the loss of his parents. Daron visits Nyssa with the intention of killing her but she outsmarts him by using a hologram projection of herself and sneaking up on him from behind in order to put a knife to his throat to maintain the upper hand. Seg arrives and helps Nyssa to escape after he shares information about the Voice and his possession. Nyssa wanted to kill Daron but Seg talks her down, saying he's right about the fact that they will need to use him in order to get past the guards. But when he tries to call for help, they knock him out and fight off the guards that come into the room. This finally gives Seg and Nyssa their open window to escape the palace by wearing the guard uniforms.

Adam is at the Fortress talking with the Val projection, expressing the sentiment of wanting to return home. After talking through his different options, he decides the best course of action is to kill Dru-Zod and stop Seg from saving Kandor.

Dev has also survived the coup and finds Lyta, ready to help her in her search for Jayna. Together they are abel to track down Jayna, who finally tells Lyta how she had joined the coup in order to save Lyta's life. Dev is also revealed to have been brainwashed and enslaved by Brainiac and tells them the Zods must join Brainiac or die. Lyts shoots off Dev's arm and leaves him for dead in the snowstorm.

Seg, Nyssa, and the Zods orchestrate a plan to stage an assassination attempt on Brainiac while he is in public in front of the people. They know that their attempt will not be able to actually kill or even harm him but they hope that by revealing that the Voice is now taken over by an alien entity that it will cause the citizens of Kandor to rally together against him. However, the plan backfires when Brainiac unleashes a fiery display of his power that he manipulates to appear in a manner that resembles Rao, the deity the people worship.

Krypton airs on Wednesdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


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