Krypton S01E10 "The Phantom Zone" Recap

Kandor's protective dome has been disabled, which allows Brainiac to summon his ship and begin collecting the city. Zod and Lyta tell Seg to bring them to the Fortress of Solitude. Seg reluctantly agrees, as Zod reveals that Vale is still alive, having been trapped in the Phantom Zone all this time. Zod re-enters the Phantom Zone and is able to retrieve Val, reuniting Seg with his grandfather after all these years.

When the group informs Val of their predicament, he explains that there is no way for them to stop Brainiac's victory. Val also doesn't trust Zod, but is reluctantly accepting of the situation the team finds themselves in involving working with Zod for the time being.

Jax informs Nyssa that she is actually a clone of the original Nyssa and was created using a form immortality for Kandor's elite that was created using Jax's codex technology.

Zod offers up Val and his future knowledge to Brainiac in a trade to spare Kandor from destruction. After Brainiac uses his powers to determine that Zod is honest about this offer, he agrees. Seg is desperate to save Val, who thinks that the only way to stop Brainiac from using his knowledge is for him to die. Val points out that if Brainiac is able to capture him, the entire universe will suffer the same fate as Kandor.

Zod brings Brainiac to the Fortress of Solitude, where Seg threatens to kill Val if Brainiac comes any closer. But Brainiac knows that Seg would never kill his grandfather and also knows that the vision of Val he is watching is just a hologram. But this was all part of a rouse to get Brainiac to a precise location to be sucked into the Phantom Zone. However, Brainiac manages to pull Seg into it with him at the last second using his tentacles. Val tries to keep Seg from getting sucked in but isn't strong enough to save him. All the while, Superman's cape begins to be restored, prompting Seg to allow himself to be pulled in while Vale watches horrified. Kandor is saved from Brainiac's ship and the protective dome is restored.

The restored Superman cape is revealed to now have Zod's crest on it, and Zod destroys the Phantom Zone gateway to prevent the return of Brainiac but also to ensure that the new timelines stays as is. A month later, Zod manages seize control of Kandor as its new ruler along with other Kryptonian city-states. Meanwhile, Val continues to work to repair the gateway to get Seg back from the Phantom Zone and is reunited with Jax. Adam is revealed to be in the altered version of the future, where he sees a giant statue of Zod in the immobilised city on Earth he was transported to. Finally, Doomsday is shown to have awoken and smashed his way out of the container he was kept in.

Krypton will return to Syfy for season 2.


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