LIAMOO on Potentially Pushing Himself in the Philippines (Meldodifestivalen)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

LIAMOO entered Melodifestivalen with tremendous hype behind him, as many predicted him to win the entire contest. Now that his song and performance have premiered, he may not have as simple a task to beat out the many other popular competitors to have made it to the finals. But regardless of the results he may get in Friends Arena, he has already gained a tremendous boost in his following from countries all over the world.

LIAMOO, or Liam as he's known to those better acquainted with him, comes from a mixed family background. His mother's parents are originally from the Philippines and Finland, and are incredibly important to him (as evidenced by his showcasing them in his semi-final introduction video). There aren't many Swedish artists that have made significant pushes to break out and tour in Asian markets. But Liam shares that he is open to visiting the Philippines and making some professional moves there, saying he has some "contacts" there.

Watch our full interview with LIAMOO here:


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